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All Ages Comics and Manga List For 10/22/08

It’s mostly the regulars this week, with Archie Comics, Bongo, DC and MarvelCinebook has a new series for kids with Cedric, the story of a boy and all the triumphs and tribulations of being and 8 year old.  I’ve added Gon, from DC’s CMX line, though I suggest using caution if you choose to give it to younger children.  The wordlessness can make it seem appropriate for all ages, but the stories can be surprisingly complex and violent.  I’ve gotten mixed reactions from my 9 and 11 year old daughters.  Read it yourself before handing it over.

Betty & Veronica #238, $2.25
Betty & Veronica Double Digest #165, $3.69
Sonic X #38, $2.25

Barrons Graphic Classics Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde SC, $8.99  **Halloween Pick**
Barrons Graphic Classics Three Musketeers SC, $8.99

Bart Simpson Comics #44, $2.99
Simpsons Classics #18, $3.99

Cedric GN Vol 1 High-Risk Class, $11.95
Green Manor GN Vol 2 Inconvenience Of Being Dead, $19.95
Thorgal GN Vol 4 Archers, $19.95

Gon Vol 6, $5.99
Family Dynamic #3 (of 3), $2.25  **AA Pick**
Tiny Titans #9, $2.25

United States Constitution A Graphic Adaptation SC, $16.95  **AA Pick**

Marvel Adventures Super Heroes #4, $2.99

Tales From The Crypt #8, $3.95


Family Dynamic #3 – This title from DC Kids was originally slated as a six issue run, but was reduced to three for some reason.  It’s about a family of superheroes, somewhat resembling The Incredibles.  The parents are superheroes, and the kids want to join in, and the stories about the trials and triumphs of the Family Dynamic.  They use mystical elemental rings to protect Storm City from the forces of evil.  In this (unfortunately) final issue, the kids, Little Wing, Troylus and Terran must face the music from their superhero parents when they try and stop the man-monster Monstero on their own.  The concept seems sound.  It’s seems a shame that it was canceled so soon.

United States Constitution A Graphic Adaptation –  History is notorious for being a boring subject for kids, with civics being doubly so.  So, any book that makes the subject not only interesting but easy to understand is a real boon.  This title seems to do both.  It explains all the articles of the constitution in a visually engaging fashion, and in terms that are straightforward and comprehensible to younger minds.  It uses humor to not only convey information, but to also dispel some commonly held misconceptions, such as our country was created to be a democracy, when it is, in fact a republic.  This book looks to not only be a good teaching tool, but to also engage young readers in the importance of the political process.

Barrons Graphic Classics Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde –  Everyone knows the names Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, but not necessarily the original story that made it a horror classic.  Barron’s is trying to rectify that with this graphic adaptation.  The story is faithfully retold with realistic illustations and pacing to keep a young reader’s interest.  Dr. Jekyll is a respectable man, and Mr. Hyde is a criminal.  What is the connection between the two men, that Dr. Jekyll dare not speak?  Extras in the book include a brief biography of the writer, a list of other works by them, a timeline that helped inspire the story, general notes, and even an index. 

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