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All Ages Comics and Manga List For 10/29/08

With costumes chosen and pumpkins carved, all that left is to find some suitable scary stories to make this Halloween complete.  This week’s list has come interesting titles to check out, but you’re going to have to take your little ghost, ghoul or goblin out to find them like any good trick-or-treater!  It’s a week five of the month, so titles are sparse, but there’s always something to keep the little monsters occupied before the sun goes down and the fun begins!

Archie #590, $2.25
Archie Double Digest #193, $3.69
Archie Halloween Mini Comic 2008, AR  ^^Halloween Pick^^

Bone Halloween Mini Comic 2008, AR  ^^Halloween Pick^^

Cartoon Network Block Party #50, $2.25
Suihelibe Vol 1, $9.99  ^^AA Pick^^

Peanuts Halloween Mini Comic 2008, AR  ^^Halloween Pick^^

Adventures Of Polo HC, $16.95
Bourbon Island 1730 GN, $17.95
Polo Runaway Book HC, $16.95

Donald Duck Halloween Mini Comic 2008, AR  ^^Halloween Pick^^

Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four #41, $2.99

Bionicle GN Vol 3, $7.95

Avalon Web Of Magic Novel Vol 6 Trial By Fire, $5.95  ^^AA Pick^^

Cowa Halloween Mini Comic 2008, AR  ^^Halloween Pick^^


Suihelibe Vol. 1 – CMX, the manga arm of DC Comics, has been doing a great job of getting titles that everyone can read.  Their All Ages selection is among the best available in english, and this title is their newest addition.  It’s a comedy sci-fi, a genre not seen very often.  Junior high schooler Tetsu meets cute alien girl Lan when she crashes her flying saucer into the classroom he is in.  She is searching for some alien life forms that escaped from her.  Tetsu has to help Lan find the creatures while trying to find members for his biology club before it is disbanded.  It’s a short series, just two volumes long, so it’s not a big investment to get in on.  For a more extensive review, check out Katherine Dacey’s review here.

Avalon: Web of Magic Novel Vol 6 – This series was out of print for 2 years before Seven Seas picked it up and started publishing it last year.  It’s the story of three girls chosen by the Fairimentals to be the protectors of the magical animals, and save the world from an evil intent on destroying it.  This volume marks the halfway point in this 12 volume series.  The girls finally have a map that will lead them to Avalon, the home of all magic.  But the Dark Sorceress wants it too, and will do whatever it takes to get it.  These books have been revised by the author Rachel Roberts, and includes new illustations in the manga style.  Seven Seas is also planning a manga series based on this series, with the first volume planned to come out next summer.

Halloween Mini Comics – Comics publishers have found another way to get their comics into the hands of kids besides Free Comic Book Day; Halloween.  They create short comics with a halloween theme that are about half the size of a regular comic.  Comic shops will sometimes give these out instead of candy.  Marvel and DC have does this in the past, and even though they did not list anything on the Diamond Distribution List, I’m sure they will have titles again this year.  If you have a local comic shop near you, you can check them out.  If you’re not sure if there is a local comic shop near you, you can go here to search your area.

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