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All ages comics and manga list index 2008

The All Ages comics and manga category grew quite a bit in 2008, as publishers returned to attracting young readers instead of trying to maintain a status quo of existing comic fans.  Of course, that means that more books have come out, but publishers haven’t done very much to inform people of their titles.  That’s […]

Review: Captive Hearts, vol. 1

Megumi Kuroishi’s father is a butler, but Megumi’s never had to worry about working. The Kogami family his father worked for disappeared in China years ago and all their wealth was left to Megumi’s family. So he’s a carefree student…right up until Suzuka Kogami is found in a rural Chinese village and Megumi discovers the […]

Sweet Indulgences: Guilty Pleasures 2008

In the spirit of indulging in less than “good for you” things over the holidays, here are the answers to a question I tossed out to the group: what’s been your guilty pleasure this past year in terms of graphic novel reading?  Is there a title or series that, even though you know it’s not […]

Review: The Good Neighbors, Book One: Kin

Her mother has vanished and her father has stopped going to work, but Rue Silver’s not worried. Really. Only it is bothering her that she’s apparently going crazy, seeing things that aren’t there, that can’t be there. Things like faeries. Two of the great creators of dark fantasy combine their prodigious talents to kick off […]

The World of Quest V. 2

Considering the popularity of the The World of Quest V. 1 at my library, I was really not looking forward to the inevitable question: when is volume 2 coming out?  It’s the same question I hear about Jellaby and A Bit Haywire all the time.  It’s that question that makes me want to tear my […]

Linkfest: Holiday treats

Things have slowed down quite a bit on the comics blogosphere, as everyone takes time off to visit family eat too much, rest up after finals, etc. However, there were a few items worth noting. I don’t know how I missed this, but Brian Heater of The Daily Cross Hatch interviewed Owly creator Andy Runton […]

All ages comics and manga for 12/24/08

MERRY CHRISTMAS! This week’s list is just a lot of the usual monthly titles; Archie, DC, and Marvel.  Dark Horse makes a rare apprearance with its new Star Wars Clone Wars series, and Harper Collins/Tokyopop has the second in the latest Warriors manga out.  So, there’s not big rush to hit the comic shop this […]

A few thoughts about the state of manga publishing

At first glance, the manga industry looks to be on shaky legs. Several publishers have folded; Tokyopop, once Viz’s only serious American competitor, has scaled back its production schedule and shed staff; and recent sales figures indicate that readers have no compunction about cutting back on Naruto if money is tight. Tempting as it may […]

Interview with Sarah Ellerton, webcomic author

From 2004 to 2007, Sarah Ellerton regaled the Internet with her award-winning tale of high fantasy, Inverloch.  After she completed her 750+ page epic, she immediately began working on a Victorian-style supernatural piece entitled The Phoenix Requiem.  Her works have gained her a broad fan base, stretching all over the Internet and the world itself.  […]

All ages comics and manga list for 12/17/08

It’s history week on the list!  Cinebook takes us back to the 1940s, the 1860s, and the days when buffalo roamed the plains.  Sterling Press takes us back even further to the heyday of the Roman Empire!  Let the kids think you’re giving them a break with these comics, and fool them into learning something! […]