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All ages comics and manga list for 12/17/08

It’s history week on the list!  Cinebook takes us back to the 1940s, the 1860s, and the days when buffalo roamed the plains.  Sterling Press takes us back even further to the heyday of the Roman Empire!  Let the kids think you’re giving them a break with these comics, and fool them into learning something!

Betty & Veronica #239, $2.25
Betty & Veronica Digest #190, $2.49
Jugheads Double Digest #146, $3.69

Biggles GN Vol 1 Spitfire Parade, $11.95
Bluecoats GN Vol 1 Robertsonville Prison, $11.95
Yakari TP Vol 6 In The Land Of Wolves, $11.95

MAD Classics #24, $4.99
Super Friends #10, $2.50
Tiny Titans #11, $2.50

Marvel Adventures Avengers #31, $2.99
Marvel Adventures Two-In-One #18, $4.99

Tales From The Crypt HC Vol 5 Yabba Dabba Voodoo (Collectors Edition), $12.95
Tales From The Crypt GN Vol 5 Yabba Dabba Voodoo , $7.95

Asterix Omnibus HC Vol 2 (Asterix The Gladiator #4 Asterix And The Banquet #5 Asterix And Cleopatra #6), $27.95  ^^AA Pick^^

World Of Quest TP Vol 2, $9.99  ^^AA Pick^^


Asterix Ominbus HC Vol 2 – This is a french book that has been around since the early 1960’s, but remains just as entertaining today.  Taking place in Roman times, Asterix is a Gaul warrior, and with his friend and sidekick Obelix, they outsmart the Romans that try to rule over Gaul.  The hijinks in this title has an old school Looney Toons feel to it, with the elaborate schemes the Gauls come up with to foil the Romans.  The art is very cartoony as well.  This book is a compilation of issues 4-6.  Asterix is a title that can be enjoyed at anytime by anyone, and it’s a classic by any estimation. Every library should have at least one volume of this series.

World of Quest TP Vol 2 – This is one of two All Ages rated titles from Yen Press.  It also has a TV series based on it.  Former hero Quest is saddled with the spoiled Prince Nestor as they try to save the Kingdom of Odyssia from Lord Spite.  This second volume has Quest and Nestor coming to terms with each other, and off searching for "The Dagger of the Way" to keep it out of the hands of evil.  World of Quest is drawn in an animation style and is in color.  There’s lots of action and adventure, as well as humor.  The elementary crowd will probably love it, especially boys.

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