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Linkfest: Holiday treats

Things have slowed down quite a bit on the comics blogosphere, as everyone takes time off to visit family eat too much, rest up after finals, etc. However, there were a few items worth noting.

I don’t know how I missed this, but Brian Heater of The Daily Cross Hatch interviewed Owly creator Andy Runton last month. Runton talks about the origins of Owly and his reasons for preferring children’s comics over more adult work.

Diary of a Wimpy Superhero? Marvel is releasing an all-ages version of Wolverine, but ComicMix’s Robert Greenberger is not convinced that’s a good idea, pointing out that the upcoming movie is not for kids.

At Oz and Ends, J.L. Bell questions the placement of two graphic novels in the YA section of his local library.

Johanna Draper Carlson takes a look at First Second’s 2009 lineup at Comics Worth Reading.

At Manga Recon, Erin Finnegan asks readers to recommend manga for an Archie fan.

Over at the webcomics blog and podcast site Digital Strips (where I’m the editor-in-chief), we have a semi-regular feature called Horizons Watch in which we check out new webcomics. One of the comics we review in the latest podcast is M.I.M.E.S., which is an absolutely hilarious all-ages comic about crime-fighting mimes. It has a very dynamic art style (sort of Nickelodeon-ish) and the writing is witty enough to make the adults chuckle while the stories are simple enough for young children.

Here’s a belated Christmas treat: Pappy reruns a pair of old-time Santa comics, one by children’s book author Frank Jupo and the other a Nancy and Sluggo comic by Ernie Bushmiller. (Via The Comics Reporter.)


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