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All ages comics and manga list index 2008

The All Ages comics and manga category grew quite a bit in 2008, as publishers returned to attracting young readers instead of trying to maintain a status quo of existing comic fans.  Of course, that means that more books have come out, but publishers haven’t done very much to inform people of their titles.  That’s where my weekly lists come in.  I’ve tried to identify the comics and manga that come out every week and pull out the titles appropriate for readers 12 and under. 

This isn’t as easy of a task as it sounds.  Many publishers don’t include an age rating for their books unless its for a mature audience. Marvel and DC are pretty good about it.  DC has all of their kid-friendly books in a line call Johnny DC, and Marvel has a clear cut rating system differentiating between youth and tween before going into the teen and up.  The Previews catalog has really helped too, with their "kid-friendly" logo on new and existing books.

Over the past year, starting in April, I have built up quite a list of titles.  To make it easier to find these titles, here is a list of all the picks, as well as links to original posts.  Just a warning.  This will be kind of long, but I hope it will be a good resource.

Amelia Rules Vol 4
Archie & Friends #125
Asterix Ominbus HC Vol 2
Avalon: Web of Magic Vol 6
Avenger Fairy Tales #2

Baby Sitter’s Club Vol 4
Barron’s Graphic Classics Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde
Bart Simpson Comics #45
Billy Baston & the Magic of Shazam #1
Billy Hooten: Owl Boy #3
Blackbeard Legacy #2
Bruce the Little Blue Spruce HC

Classics Illustrated Journey to the Center of the Earth
Classics Illustrated: Through the Looking Glass
Classics Illustrated Deluxe Vol 2 – Tales of the Brother Grimm
Courtney Crumrin and Prince of Nowhere

Dayan Vol 1-4
Doctor Who #3
Doctor Who: Forgotten #3
Dopple Ganger Chronicles Volume 1
Dragon Drive Volume 7
Dragon Drive Volume 9
Dreamland Chronicles #1
Dream Maiden Megan

Econauts One Shot
Essential Fantastic Four Vol 7

Family Dynamic 3
Franklin Richards: Sons of Geniuses

Gargoyles Bad Guys #3
Gimoles Secret of the Seasons
Graphic Library Boston Tea Party
The Graveyard Book

Halloween Mini Comics
Hardy Boys Volume 14
Hikaru no Go Vol 12
Hyperactive HC

India Authentic #12
Indiana Jones Adventures Vol 1
Into the Volcano
Iznogoud Vol 2

Knights of the Lunch Table Vol 1: Dodgeball Chronicles
Koi Cupid Vol 1
Korgi Vol 2

Looney Tunes #163

Magic Pickle
Magic Trixie
Manga School with Selene – Draw Your Own Manga
Marvel Illustrated Three Musketeers #1
Marvel Two-in-One #12
Morbid Myths TP

N-Guard #1
Nancy Drew Vol 13
Naruto Chapter Book 1
Night School GN
Nui Volume 1

Palette of 12 Secret Colors Vol 3
Papyrus Vol 2
Pokemon Diamond & Pearl Volume 1
Pokemon Dialga vs Palkia vs Darkrai
Pokemon Ranger & the Temple of the Sea
Power Pack Day One TP
Presidential Material: John McCain/Barak Obama

Sabrina Vol 2 #95
Scooby Doo 137
Sonic the Hedgehog Archives Vol 9
Speed Racer Next Generation: Birthright #1
Star Wars Clone Wars TP Vol 2 Crash Course
Sugar Princess: Skating to Win Volume 2
Sugar Sugar Rune Vol 8
Suihelibe Vol 1
Super Friends #2
Super Friends #3
Supergirl: Cosmic Adventures in the 8th Grade #1
Swan Vol 13

There’s A Wolf at the Door
Tiny Titans #4
Twilight Zone After Hours

Undersea Adventures of Cap’n Eli Volume 1
United States Constitution: A Graphic Adaptation

Violet Rose #2

The War at Ellsmere
Warriors: Tigerstar and Sasha Volume 1
Whistle Volume 20
Wonderful Wizard of Oz #1
World of Quest TP Vol 2

Yoko Tsuno Vol 3

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