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All ages comics and manga list for 1/28/09

It’s the end of the month, therefore that means a small list this week.  And it’s smaller than even the usual, so I’m dropping my picks to one debut title.  You’ll notice Ultimate Spiderman has made the list.  Marvel has this rated as a Tween book, so it meets my criteria for making this list, […]

Linkfest: More to come

Christopher Mautner talks to Mark Siegel, editorial director of First Second Books, the publisher of Life Sucks, Kaput and Zosky, Tiny Tyrant, and many other teen and all ages titles.

Linkfest: Is it spring yet?

At Graphic Novel Reporter, John Hogan leads a great discussion of graphic novels in libraries with several librarians, including our own Eva Volin. Precocious Curmudgeon David Welsh blogs his thoughts on the YALSA Great Graphic Novels for Teens lists. And he notes an omission. Why is Jeff Smith’s art so good? Consequentialart’s Sequential Art Class […]

Other Graphic Novel Winners on ALA Lists

During the American Library Association‘s Midwinter Meeting, hardworking librarians met to finalize booklists that they had been working on all year. Many readers know about the ever popular/ever discussed Great Graphic Novels for Teens list, administered by the Young Adult Library Services Association, but what graphic novels (and books of interest to graphic novel readers) […]

Review: Sugar Princess: Skating to Win Volume 1-2

Sugar Princess 1

Sugar Princess, despite it’s girlish title and subject, is a title that deserves it’s “All Ages” rating.  Though, I think a “G” (General Audiences) may be a better rating, as this book has the ability to appeal to everyone; old and young, male and female.  It’s a short story, only lasting 2 volumes, but is […]

Open Thread: YALSA’s Great GNs for Teens

The Young Adult Library Services Association released their Great Graphic Novels for Teens list yesterday, along with their top ten picks. Here are the lists: Top Ten Life Sucks, by Jessica Abel (First Second) Sand Chronicles, vols. 1-3, by Hinako Ashihara (Viz) Atomic Robo: Atomic Robo and the Fightin’ Scientists of Tesladyne by Brian Clevinger […]

Linkfest: Superhero decadence?

The big news out of the ALA literary awards was that Neil Gaiman’s The Graveyard Book took the Newbery medal, but there was also a graphic novel in the bunch: Eleanor Davis’ Stinky, my favorite of the Toon books, was a runner-up for the Theodor Seuss Geisel award for best book for beginning readers. Haven’t […]


"Anonymous" doesn’t much like my "huffy, snooty" "whining" about SLJs coverage of the Newbery in my last post.  Which makes me remember the other thing that miffs me in that article: "Little did Gaiman know, but his tweet upon hearing the news has generated its own controversy. “F—!!!! I won the F—ING NEWBERY THIS IS […]

Linkfest: New year, new projects

Here’s the big news of the day: Bone creator Jeff Smith has a new project in the works: A children’s graphic novel for Toon Books. At Occasional Superheroine, Valerie D’Orazio notes that the first issue of Marvel’s all-ages Wonderful Wizard of Oz has sold out, despite conventional wisdom that all-ages comic don’t sell. Check the […]

All ages comics and manga list for 1/21/09

Issues brought up about how Diary of a Wimpy Kid should be classified doesn’t keep it from this list.  I’m in agreement with those that say it’s not a graphic novel.  Graphic novels must have have pictures integral to the storytelling, not just adding to it.  But, like light novels from Japan, I think a […]