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"Anonymous" doesn’t much like my "huffy, snooty" "whining" about SLJs coverage of the Newbery in my last post.  Which makes me remember the other thing that miffs me in that article:

"Little did Gaiman know, but his tweet upon hearing the news has generated its own controversy. “F—!!!! I won the F—ING NEWBERY THIS IS SO F—ING AWESOME. I thank you” Gaiman wrote on his Twitter site, neilhimself.

"News about the tweet traveled quickly around the Denver convention center, where the American Library Association announced its children and young adult literary awards this morning. And some librarians were already expressing disappointment, saying such language was inappropriate."

It really makes me wonder exactly who in that room of many hundreds the reporter spoke to, since the dozens I talked with were thrilled and laughing at Gaiman’s response.  It’s just a good feeling that such a celebrtiy would feel as excited about getting the Newbery as we are that he got it.  And he does "get" the Newbery, as Monica encapsulates at her blog.


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