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Links: Avalon manga, Papercutz blog, and reviews galore

Matt Brady interviews the creators of The Scrapyard Detectives at Newsarama. Produced by The Diversity Foundation, The Scrapyard Detectives is "about kids, mysteries, exploring the nature of diversity and acceptance and personal growth, which sounds kind of awful, but the creators do a better job of selling it as kids’ mysteries in the Encyclopedia Brown/Scooby Doo vein.

Also at Newsarama, Michael C. Lorah talks to Mark Siegel of First Second about his company’s graphic novels, which include an number of quality children’s and teens’ titles.

Good news for those who enjoy the Avalon YA novels (as our own Esther Keller did last November): Seven Seas is getting ready to publish a manga adaptation based on the stories, and they have a behind-the-scenes page up that explains the steps that go into making it. (Thanks to blogger-friendly Seven Seas editor Adam Arnold for the tip!)

Wondercon is going on this weekend, and it has generated some news items. IDW is publishing a collected edition of The Family Circus, starting with the very first strip; editor Scott Dunbier discusses the new project at Comic Book Resources.

Lori Henderson wants someone to ask Viz, which is also at Wondercon, where the rest of the Pokemon manga are. For those who pooh-pooh media-based properties, she has this observation:

Both my daughters love pokemon to the point that they draw their one and come up with stories about them.  If there is something that will stimulate their imagination like that, you can be sure, that as a parent, I will be buying more of the books.

Papercutz, the publisher of the Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys, and Classics Illustrated series, has started a new blog, and it looks like their creators will be contributing, which should make for some interesting reading.

In other blogging news, Comics Playground, the all-ages comics podcast, has been quiet for a while, but now they’re back with a new podcast that covers Mouse Guard, Batman: The Brave and the Bold, Space Raoul, and more.

The Friends of Lulu blog has a nice list of this week’s all-ages comics, with cover images.

Here’s a treat from the past: At comiXology, Kristy Valenti writes about archy and mehitabel, the cat/cockroach drama illustrated by George Herriman of Krazy Kat fame.


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  1. Lori Henderson says:

    I actually have the first three issues of Scrapyard Detectives. Walking around SDCC with two kids got us free issues. I’ve been planning to do a review of the series, maybe I’ll push it up.

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