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Valerie D’Orazio has some thoughts on all-ages comics, drawn partly from her own experience as a young comics reader. Her suggestions boil down to making kids’ comics cheap, readily available, and clearly marked as all-ages comics, all of which make so much sense you wonder why that isn’t happening already. 

Actually, it is happening for Archie comics, which can still be purchased in grocery stores and drugstores and are both affordable and kid-friendly. And how is that working for them? Johanna Draper Carlson has an overview of sales figures, which the Archie folks have to provide every year because of their subscription model.

At Comic Book Resources, Alex Dueben talks to Raina Telgemeier, who adapted the Baby-Sitters Club books to graphic novel form and is now working on a new graphic novel, Smile.

Blog@Newsarama has a preview up of the first volume of The New Brighton Archaeological Society.

Manga Punk interviews Alison Acton, who is the artist for Tokyopop’s manga adapatation of The Faerie Path.

Karen Green recaps her NYCC panel on Graphic Novels and Academic Acceptance at comiXology.

The Everett, Washington, Herald is the latest newspaper to discover that teens read graphic novels.

Borders UK announced that it will be setting up a bay of children’s graphic novels within each store. This seems to be part of a big promotional push, and a number of books will be getting prominent displays as a result.

And to start your week out right, here’s a nice vintage comic from 1967, Bridget (love the name!), by John Stanley of Little Lulu fame. (Via Journalista.)


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