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All ages comics and manga list for 3/11/09

It’s mostly comic regulars this week with Archie, DC and Marvel having the majority of releases.  Seven Seas, struggling with the new Previews order minimum, may not appear much longer with it’s manga.  Let’s hope their Avalon novels will keep them around.  The countdown to Sonic the Hedgehog’s 200th issue continues.  DC has a trade for their super-youngster friendly Super Friends comic, and Marvel has another Franklin Richards trade for those that long for a superhero Calvin.

Archie & Friends #129, $2.50  **AA Pick**
Archie Digest #252, $2.69
Sonic The Hedgehog #198, $2.50

Cartoon Network Action Pack #35, $2.50
Scooby Doo #142, $2.50
Super Friends For Justice TP, $12.99

Franklin Richards TP Not So Secret Invasion Digest, $9.99
Marvel Adventures Spider-Man #49, $2.99
Marvel Adventures Super Heroes #9, $2.99  **AA Pick**
Wonderful Wizard Of Oz #4 (of 8), $3.99

Avalon Web Of Magic Novel TP Vol 8 Alls Fairy In Love And War, $5.95


Archie & Friends #129 – This issue completes a mini arc within the title "The Cartoon Life of Chuck Clayton".  In this arc, Chuck has been asked to teach an after-school cartooning class for elementary school students.  In this final issue of the story, troubled kid Tony Messina joins the class after getting caught spreading graffiti in his neighborhood.  His mother enrolls him to give him a creative outlet, but he has another reason for defacing property.  When Chuck finds out, he takes action.  This story is written by child educator Alex Simmons, who has written other children’s stories (under pseudonyms), done voice over work, and written scripts for Disney.  Expect a poignant tale that will educate as well as entertain

Marvel Adventures Super Heroes #9 Objection!  Ever since the Phoenix Wright DS video game became popular, lawyers has been making a lot of appearances in comics.  In this issue of Marvel Adventures featuring Doctor Strange, the demon Dormmaru, who Doctor Strange’s mentor, the Ancient One banished back to the Dark Dimension, has gotten himself a smart lawyer to go over the mystical contracto that keeps him out of our reality.  To fight him, Doctor Strange employs a lawyer of his own, one Mr. Foggy Nelson.  Expect this issue to have lots of humorous moments.  Bureaucracy crossed with superheroes usually generates quite a few. 

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