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Links: Muppets, Nightschool, Nick Awards!

The first volume of Svetlana Chmakova’s Nightschool, which has been running as a serial in Yen Plus magazine, is due out in April, and I took the opportunity to talk to Svet, editor JuYoun Lee, and publisher Kurt Hassler for about the creative process and the growing popularity of global manga for Publishers Weekly Comics Week. Also at PWCW: Calvin Reid takes a look at Dasan Books’ new line of biographical comics for kids, Joyful Stories Press.

The April issue of Nickelodeon Magazine is its annual cartoon issue, featuring the winners of their cartoon awards, an autobiographical comic by Diary of a Wimpy Kid creator Jeff Kinney, and lots of other good stuff.

Boom Studios has unveiled a kids’ imprint with a new website, so the fans of its Incredibles and Muppet show comics won’t go to their main site and end up reading Hexed instead. I interviewed Paul Morrissey, the editor of Boom’s kids’ line, for this site last year.

Deb Aoki interviews Nina Matsumoto, creator of the teen-rated global manga Yokaiden as well as the manga sendup of The Simpsons, at

A British publisher is bringing out collections of classic kids’ comics, including soccer tale Roy of the Rovers, the war comic Battle, and two old favorites of mine, Misty, a girls’ horror comic that still has quite a following, and Buster, a kids’ humor comic whose flagship character, I only recently learned was supposed to be Andy Capp’s son.

The Otaku Librarian posts a resource guide for library anime clubs.

J. L. Bell has an interesting post on punctuation conventions in American comics at Oz and Ends. What you read there may surprise you!


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