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The War at Ellsmere

When I unpacked my order a couple of months back and saw “The War at Ellsmere,” I was sure I had ordered the title by accident or that the vendor had sent me the wrong title.  I couldn’t recall even hearing about the title, let alone being interested enough in the description to order it […]

All ages comics and manga list for 3/18/09

There’s more variety on this week’s list with Antarctic Press, Cinebook and Oni Press joining the weekly regulars.  Antarctic finishes it’s Land of Oz Manga: Return to Emerald City.  DC has another round of MAD classics.  This title is border line AA, but I remember how much fun it was to read JUST BECAUSE it […]

Women’s History Month: Spotlight on manga

March is Women’s History Month, and in celebration, our blogging crew decided to highlight some comics with strong female characters. Here’s a list of various Eastern or Eastern-influenced comics that have strong-willed women at their center. Special thanks to Sabrina Fritz for compiling this list! SNOW WILDSMITH’S PICKS Pumpkin Scissors (Ryotaro Iwanaga, Del Rey Manga) […]

Links: Advice and content

I interviewed Scott Christian Sava in this week’s Publishers Weekly Comics Week about his new line of children’s graphic novels, each of which is based on a single fun concept, from magic carpets to pirates to pet robots. Also up at PWCW: a generous preview of Adventures in Cartooning, a lovely new book from First […]

Review: Turning Points Series from Aladdin

Historical fiction is not a genre that shows up often in graphic novels, which has always seemed odd to me. After all, one of the issues of understanding history is the need to be able to identify with people who live in places and times not like your own. Graphic novels have traditionally done a […]

Review: Maximum Ride

It took me a while to read James Patterson’s Maximum Ride series.  I don’t read his adult books, they’re just not my type of reading, and I wasn’t sure what to make of his YA book.  But I finally had to read it, to see what all the buzz was about and I liked the […]

Roundtable: Tough cookies we love

In celebration of Women’s History Month, Eva Volin, Esther Keller, Snow Wildsmith, Robin Brenner and I compiled a list of comic book heroines we admired, from Kitty Pride (Uncanny X-Men) to Comrade Sorceress Maya Antares (The Red Star). As we were discussing our favorite characters, I fully expected someone to name Wonder Woman, the character […]

All ages comics and manga list for 3/11/09

It’s mostly comic regulars this week with Archie, DC and Marvel having the majority of releases.  Seven Seas, struggling with the new Previews order minimum, may not appear much longer with it’s manga.  Let’s hope their Avalon novels will keep them around.  The countdown to Sonic the Hedgehog’s 200th issue continues.  DC has a trade […]

Review: The Adventures of the Araknid Kid, Episode 1

This appealing all-ages title began its life at Zuda Comics with a four-page story about a web-slinging cowboy who spoke in pictograms (a.k.a. rebuses). When creator Josh Alves moved The Adventures of the Araknid Kid to, he fleshed out the concept a little more. His hero was still a taciturn spider who expressed himself […]

Links: Special Watchmen-free edition

Valerie D’Orazio has some thoughts on all-ages comics, drawn partly from her own experience as a young comics reader. Her suggestions boil down to making kids’ comics cheap, readily available, and clearly marked as all-ages comics, all of which make so much sense you wonder why that isn’t happening already.  Actually, it is happening for […]