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Roundtable: New York Times Graphic Novel Lists

The New York Times launched its Graphic Books Bestsellers List, including three separate lists of hardcovers, softcovers, and Japanese manga.  Reactions online have generally been positive, especially in the sense that the existence of such a list from the New York Times marks a definite step in the broader acceptance of the format.  However, there […]

All ages comics and Manga list for 3/4/09

It’s a nice variety of titles this week.  Antarctic Press has it’s own Obama comic, that reaches past the election and goes though to the Inaugural.  Archie has another Sonic the Hedgehog Archive, and IDW brings us another set of adventures with the 4th Doctor.  Manga makes a good showing too, with Del Rey brings […]

Links: Recognition at last!

Here’s the big news of the day: Swallow Me Whole, Nate Powell’s graphic novel about adolescence complicated by mental illness, is a finalist for the LA Times Book Prize in the young adult fiction category. Vulture, the New York Magazine blog, has an excerpt. Bad news in the UK, though: The DFC, a subscription-only kids’ […]

Crogan’s Vengeance

If you had a pirate in your family tree, I’m betting you’d be begging to hear all the stories.  Who wouldn’t?  This beginning of a series of period adventure stories tracking the geneology of the Crogan family is just how this one ancestor Crogan turned pirate.  With sharp artwork, a knack for suspense, and a […]

Review: Suihelibe! Volumes 1-2

Junior high is a time for new experiences, new activities, and new friends. Tetsu’s life, though, seems to be the same as it always was, though, until his search for a club to join leads him to the dwindling biology club and a strange young girl named Lan. She is actually an alien from the […]

March is Women’s History Month

It’s hard to believe it’s already March. With February being on the short side, March seems sneaks up on you somehow.  (Though with the N’Easter that’s hit us on the East Coast, I’m not sure how you could miss it.)  Aside from signaling the end of winter, and the beginning of spring (I can’t wait!), […]

Links: Avalon manga, Papercutz blog, and reviews galore

Matt Brady interviews the creators of The Scrapyard Detectives at Newsarama. Produced by The Diversity Foundation, The Scrapyard Detectives is "about kids, mysteries, exploring the nature of diversity and acceptance and personal growth, which sounds kind of awful, but the creators do a better job of selling it as kids’ mysteries in the Encyclopedia Brown/Scooby […]