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Review: Dororo Vol. 1 and Black Jack Vol. 1

Review: Dororo Vol. 1 and Black Jack Vol. 1 Osamu Tezuka was one of the most influential figures in manga as a medium.  The depth and breadth of his work is apparent even today, as American publishers release more and more of his series, like MW, Apollo’s Song, Black Jack, and Dororo.  These last two […]

Good manga for kids, April 2009

This month’s column focuses on three new series: Ben 10 Alien Force (Del Rey), a manga adaptation of the popular Cartoon Network show; Dinosaur Hour! (VIZ), a series of short stories about the Jurassic era’s dimmest denizens; and Leave it to PET! (VIZ), a comedy starring a robot made out of a recycled plastic bottle. […]

Links: Kids Comic Con and lots more!

I spent last weekend at Kids Comic Con in The Bronx, where a great time was had by all. The roster of publishers and creators was quite impressive, and the kids enjoyed a great lineup of workshops and programs, as well as the best swag bag I have ever seen at a comics convention. Some […]

The Scrapyard Detectives #1-3

The United States is a country of different races and cultures.  It’s a melting pot of immigrants who have come to the US to start a new life or escape persecution in their home countries.  This has led to discrimination and violence between groups for no other reason than the color of their skin or […]

Review: Nightschool Vol. 1 and Dramacon Vol. 1

Svetlana Chmakova’s been a rising star in the manga industry ever since her smash OEL hit, Dramacon.  Now, her new series, Nightschool, is being serialized in Yen Plus, Yen Press’ anthology, and she’s working on an animated TV series called My Life Me..  Today, I have for you a review and comparison of the first […]

All ages comics and manga list for 4/22/09

Another small week filled mostly with comics and their trades but don’t be bugged about it!  That won’t stop the buzz!  Papercutz flies in with a new Nancy Drew mystery set in Turkey.  Or you can fly out with some creepy crawly detectives from Henry Holt.  Or you can just splatter them all on your […]

Review: More Shojo Bang for Your Buck

There seems to be a trend starting in manga where publishers are releasing titles in larger formats, often the size of two or even three traditional sized manga titles. I, for one, fully support that trend as it allows fans–and libraries!–to spend less money on more manga. I decided to look at three recent shojo […]

Links: Review-o-rama

Kids Comic Con is happening this weekend at Bronx Community College, and PWCW’s Calvin Reid gets all the details from founder Alex Simmons. Graphic Novel Reporter updated this week with lots of great content, including an interview with C.M. Butzer, the artist and writer of Gettysburg: The Graphic Novel. Check below for some new reviews, […]

AA Picks Index January-March 2009

How times flies!  It’s already April, so it’s time to index the first quarter of all ages comics and manga list picks.  An interesting observation, my picks seem to be a complete inverse to our actual reviews, with more comics in my picks than are reviewed.  But, there are more comics than graphic novels and […]

Review: Gettysburg: The Graphic Novel

One of the pivotal battles of the Civil war was the battle of Gettysburg.  C.M. Butzer attempts at making the battle and Lincoln’s speech come alive for upper elementary school readers.   While the actual battle itself only makes a small appearance, the events surrounding it and the explanation of why this was such an important […]