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Links: Weekend reading

Stan Mack, whose Real Life Funnies ran in the Village Voice many moons ago, is illustrating a series of historical graphic novels for teens.

Comics need pictures as well as words in order to be comics, so why are artists overlooked? Karen Green takes on the question of attribution, with particular attention to the case of Skim, at comiXology.

This is very cute: Sarah McIntyre draws a cartoon about cartooning, and she does it with great good humor. (Via The Comics Reporter.)

Brian Leung, the founder of Kidjutsu, Tweeted me the news that there is going to be a Kids Read Comics convention in Chelsea, Michigan, in June. From the website, it looks like Jerzy Drozd, creator of the Sugary Serials kids’ webcomics site, is involved, and it looks like a lot of fun. Stay tuned!

The Chicago Tribune talks to Josh Elder about Mail Order Ninja, which is soon to be a motion picture!

The new Muppet Show comic from BOOM! Studios has been getting a lot of love from the blogosphere, and Eric Reynolds of Fantagraphics likes it too, although he objects to the variant covers. (Some language is NSFW—but the BOOM! folks clean it up for you in their press release.) (Via The Comics Reporter.)

Since an awful lot of graphic novels are sold through Scholastic book fairs, it’s nice to know that they appear to be recession-proof.


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