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All ages comics and manga list for 4/22/09

Another small week filled mostly with comics and their trades but don’t be bugged about it!  That won’t stop the buzz!  Papercutz flies in with a new Nancy Drew mystery set in Turkey.  Or you can fly out with some creepy crawly detectives from Henry Holt.  Or you can just splatter them all on your windshield with some Transformers Animated stories with cells direct from the cartoon.

Betty & Veronica Double Digest #170, $3.99
Jughead And Friends Digest #32, $2.69

Batman The Brave And The Bold #4, $2.50

Joey Fly Private Eye GN In Creepy Crawly Crime, $9.95

Transformers Animated TP Vol 8, $7.99

Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four #47, $2.99
Marvel Adventures Spider-Man TP Vol 12 Jumping To Conclusions Digest, $9.99

Nancy Drew HC Vol 17 Night Of The Living Chatchke, $12.95
Nancy Drew SC Vol 17 Night Of The Living Chatchke, $7.95


Joey Fly Private Eye GN – Kids are both fascinated and repulsed by insects, which will make this title all the more appealing.  Joey Fly is a private investigator working in a city totally inhabited by insects.  With his tough but clumsy junior partner, a scorpion named Sammy Stingtail, he takes on the case of the missing diamond pencil box for Delilah, a butterfly damsel in distress.  Spoofing film noir detective stories while throwing in plenty of bug humor and puns, this title has everything to bring a smile to a kid’s face. 

Marvel Adventures Spider-Man TP Vol 12 – This is the all ages version of Spiderman, with all the same villains, and age appropriate tales.  Collecting issues 45-48, Spidey must face an legion of lizards, find a way to make some money to buy Aunt May a Christmas gift, gets a lesson about jumping to conclusions from The Prowler, and gets caught between Electro and The Scorpion.  Things are never easy for the web-slinger, no matter the age.  Younger Spidey fans will love these stories though, and the compilation makes it easy for libraries to stock.

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