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Roundtable: Should manga be flipped?

Recently, Good Comics for Kids contributor Lori Henderson wrote about her disappointment that newer editions of Rumiko Takahashi’s manga are still being flipped. With a new Takahashi manga on the way, I thought this would be an interesting time to discuss whether manga should be left in its original right-to-left orientation or flipped so it […]

All ages comics and manga list for 4/15/09

The list quiets down again this week.  At the younger end of the scale, the little ones have some books for them, including a new book from IDW, My Mom, that they will be sure to enjoy, and Moms will love to read with them.  For the older kids, Simon & Schuster has a comic […]

Links: Rumiko Takahashi online!

Rumiko Takahashi’s long-running manga (InuYasha, Ranma 1/2) are like crack to teenage manga fans, so it’s good news all around that her newest manga, Rin-ne, will be released simultaneously in Japan and the U.S., and it will be available for free on a new Viz-sponsored website, A new chapter will be released every week […]

Review Chat: Toon Books

One sign of the growing interest in comics specifically for children is the new publisher Toon Books, which focuses on “high-quality comics designed for children ages four and up.” The books are designed to be both appropriate for younger children and readable by emerging readers. Two of us at Good Comics for Kids—Katherine Dacey and […]

Interview – Jim Zubkavich on UDON kids manga

In January at the ALA Midwinter conference, project manager, Jim Zubkavich introduced the library world to the new UDON Kids line with an impassioned speech recounting how comics and specifically manga turned him into a lifelong reader. And now he’s on a mission to do with same with kids today, with the help of librarians, […]

Links: Classics and curmudgeons

SLJ’s own Rocco Staino spotlights some of the new creators of comics for younger readers who were honored with Eisner nominations this year. Richard Bruton takes a look at the original Classics Illustrated comics at the Forbidden Planet blog, and there’s an interesting story about the marketing of the first revival of the line in […]

All ages comics and manga list for 4/8/09

It’s good list this week, especially after last week’s joke.  Sonic the Hedgehog prepares to roll over into the 200’s.  IDW releases the trade for Doctor Who: Forgotten, a great primer for anyone wanting to learn about the history of the Doctor.  Papercutz "illustrates" come classic poems, and Viz brings some more great manga for […]

Eisners: Kids’ and YA titles rule!

This year’s Eisner Award nominations are out, and comics for kids and teens got plenty of nominations not only in their own categories but also in some others. Here’s a list: Best Short Story "Murder He Wrote," by Ian Boothby, Nina Matsumoto, and Andrew Pepoy, in The Simpsons’ Treehouse of Horror #14 (Bongo) Best Publication […]

Review: Luuna, Vol. 1

Flipping through Luuna, one might easily conclude that Tokyopop had licensed yet another Disney franchise. All of the requisite elements are there: a trio of wisecracking animal sidekicks, a plucky princess on the verge of adulthood, and a handsome suitor, complete with granite jaw line and flowing hair. On closer inspection, however, Luuna proves darker, […]

Links: Giving back to the library

Here’s a nice local-paper article about a 15-year-old girl who donated her manga collection to her local library. In the piece, the local librarian discusses how manga is inviting to reluctant readers but also challenges them to read at a high level. The girl herself is very interesting—she started reading manga at age 6 and […]