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Tsubasa: Those with Wings Vol. 1 and Fruits Basket Vol. 1

One of the hallmarks of the manga industry is that series will often gain enormous popularity and then fade into obscurity a short while later.  Few manga-kas (authors) have achieved lasting success.  Natsuki Takaya is one of these uncommon success stories.  She unknowingly created a phenomenon that defined a genre with her series Fruits Basket.  […]

Links: Zot, JELLO-Man, and Fraggle Rock (maybe)

Top Shelf has posted a preview of Jeff Lemire’s Essex County trilogy, which will be coming out in a single volume later this year. (Via 4thletter.) Brian Heater presents part 1 of an interview with Archie Comics honcho Victor Gorelick at The Daily Cross Hatch, and Valerie D’Orazio talks to Gorelick about Archie’s impending nuptials. […]

All ages comics and manga for 5/28/09

Good news for anyone that missed the first printing of Muppet Show #1 or Cars Rookie #1.  IDW has second printings available this week.  So hit the comic shop and get them!  Other comics of note: Mouse Guard Winter 1152 from Archaia ends this week.  Dark Horse has another Star Wars: Clone Wars volume out, […]

Review: Yoko Tsuno Volume 3

Yoko Tsuno, the girl electrical engineer/amateur detective is back, stumbling into another mystery.  Once again we are treated to a story where brains are more valuable than looks, and where it’s Yoko’s expertise and healthy skepticism that solves the mystery.  And with just a little help from her male friends, saves the day. Yoko Tsuno […]

Roundtable: Farewell to Shojo Beat

Manga fans far and wide were disappointed to hear the news that Viz will stop publishing Shojo Beat magazine in July, although the Shojo Beat book imprint will continue. Shojo Beat was one of a kind, the first manga anthology for girls, and our staff took some time to discuss the significance of both the […]

Toon Books Follow-Up

For those of us who are old enough to use words like “genre,” “allusion,” and “hermenutics” in our reviews, kid lit presents a unique set of challenges. Though it isn’t difficult to critique the quality of a book’s artwork or writing, it is fiendishly hard to predict what will resonate with young readers. Books that […]

All ages comics and manga for 5/20/09

Lot’s of good comics for kids again this week.  Boom! Studios continues it’s Disney/Pixar releases.  DC/CMX has another new manga for the girls.  IDW has another Scott Christian Sava for both boys and girls, and Image makes a rare appearance.  Viz brings out another young kid’s book for Pokemon fans, and Seven Seas is keeping […]

Review Chat: Princess Princess Plus and Train Train

Digital Manga Publishing (DMP) has long been known for its yaoi titles published under the Juné and 801 Media lines. Yaoi is the term for romances written by women for women, but featuring a relationship between two men. Usually in the United States yaoi is used to mean the more explicit stories, whereas the term […]

Review: Violet Rose #1-2

Kids love mysteries.  Encyclopedia Brown, Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys; the kids book section is filled with young detectives taking on mysteries and solving them.  Bluewater Productions introduces a new girl super sleuth with more than beauty or brains.  Violet Rose is a sixth grade detective with supernatural powers, living in a town that is far […]

Review: Fantasy Shojo from Aurora

Recently I picked up two fantasy titles from Aurora, a publisher who specializes in shojo titles. Both are from authors that I’ve read and enjoyed before, but both titles still surprised me with how interesting, unique, and well-done they were. Since Aurora is a smaller publisher that I think probably flies under the radar of […]