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All ages comics and manga for 4/29/09

Wow! What a list this week.  We say farewell to April with a host of classics, favorites and new titles from both here and abroad.  Dark Horse and Little Brown and Co. treat us to some classic comics from Little Lulu and Tintin.  Boom! Studios brings out another Muppet Show which has garnered quite abit of critic acclaim.  Selling out the first printing is usually a good sign.  Udon Entertainment finally makes it’s debut on the kid’s comics stage with two new series, and MAD magazine hits a milestone with issue #500.

Archie #596, $2.50
Archie Double Digest #198, $3.99
Archie High School Chronicles TP Vol 1 Freshman Year, $10.95
Sonic Universe #3, $2.50

Simpsons Classics #20, $3.99

Muppet Show #2 (of 4)(Cover A Roger Langridge), $2.99
Muppet Show #2 (of 4)(Cover B Roger Langridge), $2.99

Bluecoats GN Vol 2 Navy Blues, $11.95
Iznogoud GN Vol 3 Day Of Misrule, $11.95

Little Lulu TP Vol 19 The Alamo And Other Stories, $14.95
Star Wars Adventures TP Vol 1 Han Solo And The Hollow Moon Of Khorya, $7.95

Cartoon Network Block Party #56, $2.50
MAD Magazine #500, $5.99

Jellaby GN Vol 2 Monster In The City, $9.99

Elsewhere Chronicles GN Vol 1 Shadow Door, $6.95  ^^AA Pick^^
Elsewhere Chronicles GN Vol 2 Shadow Spies, $6.95
Elsewhere Chronicles GN Vol 3 Master Of Shadows, $6.95

Adventures Of Tintin HC Vol 1 (New Edition), $18.99

Dr Doom Masters Of Evil #4 (of 4), $2.99
Marvel Adventures Avengers #35, $2.99

Hardy Boys GN Vol 16 Shhhhh, $7.95

Big Adventures Of Majoko GN Vol 1 (of 5), $7.99  ^^AA Pick^^
Ninja Baseball Kyuma GN Vol 1 (of 3), $7.99

BakeGyamon GN Vol 2, $7.99
Hikaru No Go TP Vol 15, $7.95


Elsewhere Chronicles Vol 1 – France has become quite the goldmine in terms of comics for kids.  Cinebook has quite a few titles in their library, and now Lerner Publishing has picked up this one.  Winner of the Best Comic Book for Young Readers at the Lyon Comics Festival in 2008, Elsewhere Chronicles follows the adventures of Max, Rebecca, Noah and Theo as they are pulled through the Shadow Door into the land of Shadows, and must fight the Shadow Master to get home.  Lerner is release all three volumes at one, so there’s not waiting to find out how it ends.

Big Adventures of Majoko vol 1 – One of Udon Entertainment’s debut titles, this one is full of fun and adventure, but is definitely for the girls.  Nana befriends a young witch, and together they go on many adventures in the land of magic, from finding a necklace in a cave, to passing several tests to get their fortune told.  This title is a must for elementary school libraries.  Younger readers will love the stories and easy to read text, but Middle School libraries may want to think twice.  While the book is fun, it’s simplistic plots may be a turn off to older tween-teens.

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