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All ages comics and manga for 5/6/09

It’s another good week for the young tweens.  DC’s Supergirl series comes to an end.  If it did well enough, maybe there will be another series.  There’s another Magic Trixie for the early readers as well as more NarutoDoctor Who Classics gets another collection, and Little Brown & Co. floods us with the rest of the Adventures of Tintin books.  I guess last week was just to whet your whistle. 

Rod Espinosa Prince Of Heroes Chapter 2 #1, $3.50

Archie & Friends #131, $2.50
Pals N Gals Double Digest #131, $3.99
Veronica #194, $2.50

Looney Tunes #174, $2.50
Supergirl Cosmic Adventures In The 8th Grade #6 (of 6), $2.50

Magic Trixie GN Vol 2 Magic Trixie Sleeps Over, $7.99

Cameron And His Dinosaurs GN, $12.99  ^^AA Pick^^
Doctor Who Classics TP Vol 3, $19.99

Adventures Of Tintin HC Vol 2 (New Edition), $18.99
Adventures Of Tintin HC Vol 3 (New Edition), $18.99
Adventures Of Tintin HC Vol 4 (New Edition), $18.99
Adventures Of Tintin HC Vol 5 (New Edition), $18.99
Adventures Of Tintin HC Vol 6 (New Edition), $18.99
Adventures Of Tintin HC Vol 7 (New Edition), $18.99

Bionicle HC Vol 5 The Battle Of Voya Nui, $12.95
Bionicle GN Vol 5 The Battle Of Voya Nui, $7.95
Classics Illustrated HC Vol 5 Hamlet, $9.95

Fairy Idol Kanon Vol 1 (of 4), $7.99  ^^AA Pick^^

Naruto Chapter Book Vol 7 Next Level, $4.99


Cameron and His Dinosaurs – It’s another title from Blue Dream Studios, who describe this as being like "Transformers meet Jurrasic Park".  You can’t get a much better combination than that!  A mad scientist who works for the terrorist organization B.U.R.P., has re-created four extinct dinosaurs for them.  But, the dinosaurs revolt and befriend a young boy named Cameron.  The mad scientist wants the dinosaurs back, and sends out a robot army to retrieve them, starting an all out war between robots and dinosaurs.  This sounds like a great story for kids with lots of action.  And knowing the source, you can be sure of a good solid story.

Fairy Idol Kanon Vol 1 – The third title in Udon Entertainment’s enticement of young readers to manga, this is another title for the girls.  Kanon and her friends Marika and Kodoma use their voices to help the fairy princess Alto regain her strength.  Fairies need pure music to energize them, and the three girls have the perfect harmony to save the Fairylands.  The three girls decide to become idols so that their music can reach the whole world, but it’s not easy becoming an idol.  There are a lot of obstacles to overcome, and even a dark rival to try to stop them.  Once again for the 7-10 year old crowd, this is another good addition to an elementary school library.

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