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All ages comics and manga for 5/13/09

It’s another strong showing for all ages titles this week!  At Archie Comics, Sonic the Hedgehog turns 200!  That’s 16+ years of action and adventure from the blue blur, his tail-spinning sidekick, and all their friends and enemies.  Joining Sonic is another 90’s icon, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles with a trade compilation of the original Archie comics.  They didn’t last as long as Sonic, but you can be sure of some great stories with the Heroes in a Half Shell.  The comic prequel to the Astro Boy CGI movie from IDW is out, while Innovation Kids makes all their Phonics Comics available, in case you missed any.


Rod Espinosa Prince Of Heroes Chapter 2 #2, $3.50

Betty & Veronica Digest #194, $2.69
Betty & Veronica Spectacular #89, $2.50
Jugheads Double Digest #150, $3.99
Sabrina Vol 2 #102 (Young Salem Part 2 Of 4), $2.50
Sonic The Hedgehog #200, $2.50
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures TP Vol 1 Heroes In A Half Shell, $11.95

Star Wars The Clone Wars #6 (of 6), $2.99

Cartoon Network Action Pack #37, $2.50
Super Friends #15, $2.50

Astro Boy Movie Prequel Underground #1 (Diego Jourdan Regular Cover), $3.99
Astro Boy Movie Prequel Underground #1 (Ashley Wood Regular Cover), $3.99
Doctor Who Classics Series 2 #6 (Dave Gibbons & Charlie Kirchoff Regular Cover, $3.99

Phonics Comics Level 1 Cave Dave, $3.99
Phonics Comics Level 1 Pony Tales, $3.99
Phonics Comics Level 2 Clara The Klutz, $3.99
Phonics Comics Level 2 Hiro Dragon Warrior, $3.99
Phonics Comics Level 2 The Fearless Four, $3.99
Phonics Comics Level 3 Meet The Sparkplugs, $3.99
Phonics Comics Level 3 Spooky Sara, $3.99
Phonics Comics Level 3 Super Sam, $3.99
Phonics Comics Level 3 The Misfits, $3.99
Phonics Comics Level 3 Time Travelers, $3.99
Phonics Comics Level 3 Twisted Tales, $3.99

Lockjaw And The Pet Avengers #1 (of 4)(Karl Kerschl Regular Cover), $2.99 ^^AA Pick^^
Marvel Adventures Spider-Man #51, $2.99
Marvel Adventures Super Heroes #11, $2.99
Wonderful Wizard Of Oz #6 (of 8), $3.99

Hardy Boys HC Vol 17 Word Up, $12.95
Hardy Boys GN Vol 17 Word Up, $7.95

Animal Academy Hakobune Hakusho GN Vol 1 (of 7), $10.99 ^^AA Pick^^


Lockjaw and the Pet Avengers #1 – This is a new all ages mini-series from Marvel, gathering together animal sidekicks from the Marvel Universe, and even creating new ones to form a superhero team like no other!  Lockjaw, a teleporting bull dog from the Inhumans, has discovered a threat that the humans can’t see, so he traverses the globe to find other superhero animals to help him.  Lockheed, the dragon from the X-men, Redwing, Falcon’s bird, Speedball’s cat Hairball, with Zabu the sabertooth tiger from the Savage Land, and Ms. Lion, Aunt May’s Lhaso Apso, and introducing Frog Thor, or Throg!  The setup for this series brings a lot of fun and adventure to Marvel’s all ages line.  It’s superhero related without being about superheroes, and is something both boys and girls will enjoy.  Definitely have your comic book reading kid give this a look.

Animal Academy: Hakobune Hakusho vol 1 – The premise for this title sounds like a mashup of My Gym Partner is a Monkey and Rosario Vampire.  Fukada Neko can’t seem to get into any High Schools because of her poor grades, until she is accepted into the mysterious Morimori Academy, secret school for magical human-animal shapeshifters.  She accidently gets in since her name means cat, and must now pretend she is a shapeshifter as well, so no one finds out the truth.  The familar premise will probably attract Tweens, and the cute art and animals may make it a popular read. 

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