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Two publishers are launching new comics series for kids, while another teen-girls project folds. PWCW’s Calvin Reid reports that Papercutz, the publisher of the Nancy Drew and Bionicle graphic novels, will be publishing graphic novels based on the Disney Fairies series of prose books. The graphic novels will be original stories, not adaptations. Reid also reports on another project that’s less sugar, more spice: Fantagraphics has an RIP, MD graphic novel in the works, based on an animated series, currently being developed by Lincoln Butterfield, that features a little boy who becomes a doctor and specializes in treating monsters.

On the down side, however, Shojo Beat, Viz’s manga magazine aimed at teen girls, will end with the July issue. Subscribers will receive a free copy of SB’s brother magazine, Shonen Jump, in August, along with "pertinent information" about their subscription options.

In other news, Zack Smith talks to Scott Christian Sava about his children’s graphic novels at Newsarama.

Comic Book Resources posts the first chapter of Mouse Guard 1152 for your previewing pleasure.

ICv2 reports that Hill and Wang is expanding its nonfiction graphic novel line with three new titles in the fall: a history of the Vietnam War and biographies of Leon Trotsky (by Rick Geary) and Che Guevara. They also have a brief item on the planned Archie comic in which the gang graduates and Archie gets married, due out for September. And the presidential-comics trend is stretched to its fullest extent with a bio of the Obamas’ dog.

A reader asks Lori Henderson for advice on researching the literary value of manga. Please click through if you can offer suggestions.


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