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All ages comics and manga for 5/20/09

Lot’s of good comics for kids again this week.  Boom! Studios continues it’s Disney/Pixar releases.  DC/CMX has another new manga for the girls.  IDW has another Scott Christian Sava for both boys and girls, and Image makes a rare appearance.  Viz brings out another young kid’s book for Pokemon fans, and Seven Seas is keeping up with it’s Avalon: Web of Magic novels.  It’s really too bad Previews cancelled their first manga adaptation.  That’s gonna take a Barnes & Noble run when it comes out; if they have it.

Archie Digest #254, $2.69
Jughead #195, $2.50

Simpsons Comics #154, $2.99
Simpsons Comics Treasure Trove #4, $3.99

Cars Rookie #2 (of 4)(Cover A Allen Gladfelter), $2.99
Cars Rookie #2 (of 4)(Cover B Allen Gladfelter), $2.99
Incredibles Family Matters #2 (of 4)(Sean ‘Cheeks’ Galloway Cover), $2.99
Incredibles Family Matters #2 (of 4)(Marcio Takara Cover), $2.99

Lapis Lazuli Crown TP Vol 1, $9.99  ^^AA Pick^^
Scooby Doo #144, $2.50
Tiny Titans #16, $2.50
Tiny Titans TP Vol 2 Adventures In Awesomeness, $12.99

Gary The Pirate GN, $12.99

G-Man TP Vol 1 Learning To Fly, $9.99   ^^AA Pick^^

Marvel Adventures Avengers #36, $2.99
Marvel Triple Action #2, $5.99

Nancy Drew SC Vol 17 Night Of The Living Chatchke, $7.95

Avalon Web Of Magic Novel TP Vol 9 Ghost Wolf, $5.95

Lets Find Pokemon Crystal SC, $11.99


Lapis Lazuli Crown Vol. 1 – This is a new title from CMX.  Mieru is a member of the Violet family, who 50 years ago was disgraced due to a mistake during an important ceremony.  Mieru has been chosen to participate in the ceremony and could restore the family’s good name, but first she learn to control her power.  She’s not really motivated until she meets a boy who happens to resemble the prince of the realm, and needs her help.  CMX has had a really good track record with pick entertaining shojo and all ages manga, so expect good things from this title.

G-Man TP Vol 1 Learning To Fly – From Chris Giarrusso, the creator of Mini-Marvels, comes an original creation, G-Man.  Drawn in the same cute style, and with lots of humor kids love, this volume collects several previously printed stories; the one-shot featuring G-Man’s origins, the Christmas story, and Comic Bits comic strips of G-Man and his pals.  Both boys and girls can appreciate this title, and would make great light reading between those grueling AR assignments. 

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