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Links: Archie is everywhere!

At Comic Book Resources, Alex Dueben talks to Derek Kirk Kim and Gene Luen Yang about working together on The Eternal Smile. And does a video interview with Gene. (Via Journalista.)

Tim O’Shea talks to Swallow Me Whole creator Nate Powell at Robot 6.

Comics folks know Chris Arrant as someone who writes about comics, but now he has written one: Female Force: Princess Diana. Jennifer Contino gets the scoop at The Pulse.

Also at The Pulse, Jen talks to Archie honcho Victor Gorelick about Archie’s impending nuptials.

Meanwhile, Brian Heater presents part two of his interview with Gorelick at The Daily Cross Hatch. (Here’s part one, in case you missed it.)

The Archie Blog offers a preview of this month’s new comics, as well as handy photos of the Archie creators who will be at Heroes Con, so you can identify them on sight!

And wrapping up our Archie coverage for today, Kristy Valenti takes a look at the love-hate relationship between Betty and Veronica and compares it to the tension in the unlicensed manga Glass Mask.

Shaenon Garrity lists five remarkable comics artists who are also children’s book illustrators at comiXology.

At Manga Xanadu, Lori Henderson takes a look at the burgeoning genre of game-related manga published by Tokyopop.

Why is Naruto more accessible than superhero comics? Because there’s an obvious starting point, says Noah Berlatsky.

At Comics Should Be Good, Greg Burgas looks at two "kids’ comics" and wonders why the publishers can’t make comics that good for adults. I looked at the first one, Marvel Adventures Avengers #36, and wondered why anyone would call it a kids’ comic. While the cover says "All Ages," the cover image says "violent and complex," not the sort of thing I’d hand an eight-year-old. (Admittedly, the interior art looks a bit tamer.) The Super Friends comic looks like a good choice, though.

Anna discusses the problem of finding middle volumes of long-running manga series at 2 screenshot limit.

HarperCollins is offering a 100-page preview of Zot! online for free, and creator Scott McCloud is totally down with that:

Covers sell comics. Ads sell comics. But nothing sells comics better than the comics themselves.

In that spirit, here’s a peek at the new Toy Story comic due out from Boom! Studios on June 10.


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