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Here’s another shocked mom story, but this one stays well within the bounds of reason: Yvette Spivock of North Carolina picked up some Batman comics for her kids at a libary book sale and, reasoning that Batman comics are for kids, didn’t bother to check every single page. That’s how she missed the nude wrestling match between Batgirl and Catwoman—but her kids found it. Spivock didn’t blow her top or demand that all Batman comics be removed from every library, everywhere, which is refreshing; she just suggested the library be a bit more careful in future. They’re even keeping the comic. The DC folks say the series is for 16+ readers and that they often put a star on the cover of kid-friendly comics; my question would be how a busy non-comics-reading mom is supposed to know that, especially if there are no starred comics lying around for comparison purposes. (Via Journalista.)

Over at Robot 6, I took a look at some webcomics that are written for kids but fun for grownups as well.

It’s summer, and that means the wheelin’ and dealin’ has begun. Archaia has inked a deal with The Jim Henson Co. to publish comics based on their properties, such as Fraggle Rock, and Boom Studios is the new home of Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse comics.

Tim O’Shea talks to Matt Loux, of Salt Water Taffy fame.

The Chicago Tribune has a local-boy-made-good story on Art Baltazar, the artist for Tiny Titans.

Sadie Mattox, who just took a brief maternity leave from her blog Extremely Graphic (congratulations, Sadie!) lists five comic book heroes that kids should know about.

Jay Piscopo was at the Wenham Museum in Wenham, MA, to help kick off their Colorful Characters: Storytelling Through Comics exhibit.

Archie news: Jon Goldwater, son of Archie Comics founder John L. Goldwater, has signed on as co-CEO of the publisher. Despite his patrimony, Goldwater seems to have spent most of his career in other media, and it looks like he’s going to be bringing that experience to the new job as well:

Jon Goldwater purchased an ownership interest in the company with the intent of making Archie Comics an entertainment powerhouse. In his first few days as Co-CEO he has already started negotiations on projects that will be announced shortly, including a big budget Archie feature film, a new Archie animated project, a Katy Keene television program and a major music deal for the Archies.

The Archie blog also features info on the planned Halloween comics.

At The Graphic Classroom, Chris Wilson mulls over the wisdom of having a shelf of restricted comics in the classroom.


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