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Links: Last stop before San Diego

I wrote a brief article for the latest issue of the SLJ Teen newsletter, rounding up publishers’ webcomics sites.

I also did a piece on British kids’ comics, which had way too much influence on me when I was growing up, at The Hooded Utilitarian, as part of their Kids Comics Roundtable, which comprises a number of thoughtful essays by grownups (some of them parents) and is well worth reading in its entirety.

The big news, in case you missed it last week, is that Yen Press is planning a manga version of Stephenie Meyers’s Twilight novels. Deb Aoki posts some art from the proposed manga at This project has garnered decidedly mixed reactions, but blogger Sesho explains why it’s a good thing for the market.

Noah Berlatsky kicks off the children’s comics roundtable at The Hooded Utilitarian with a look at the Mini-Marvels.

Betty Cooper’s most intimate secrets will be revealed in a special comic book the Archie folks have designed for comics stores to give away at Halloween. That seems rather mean, doesn’t it? Poor Betty! I wonder if she’ll blog about it.

Manga reviewer Julie drops off some manga at her local library, talks to the librarian a bit, and points out that Berserk should not be labeled as a YA book.

I don’t usually link to scans_daily, but this is a great example of British girls’ comics from the 1950s (their younger cousins were my gateway drug in the 1960s). It’s a little talky but otherwise an excellent example of a good comic that’s engaging and doesn’t talk down to the reader.


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