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Links: Bone, Archie, school libraries

SDCC news: CBR has a thorough and interesting write-up of the Archie panel, with news about Archie’s upcoming marriage to Veronica, the return of the Super Teens, webcomics plans, and more. Jeffrey Renaud interviews writer Paul Tobin about the Marvel Adventures series.

CBR also covers the Oni Press panel, which sounds like it was a lot of fun; kids’ comics highlights included the announcement that Ted Naifeh is continuing Polly and the Pirates with a new artist, Robbi Rodriguez (Naifeh: "I didn’t want to start another book until we found an artist that was better than me") and discussion of Chris Schweizer’s next book, Crogan’s March.

The Archie Digital Comics Store is already up, and it looks like it runs on the Marvel Digital Comics Universe model, with a one-month or one-year pass entitling you to a whole ton of content, mostly back issues. More details at the Archie blog. Also new at the Archie blog: Christmas is only five months away, so it’s time to look at the holiday issues!

Jeff Smith writes about the newly announced Bone books at his blog.

I don’t think I posted this yet: Graphic Novel Reporter has a roundtable up on elementary schools, libraries, and comics, and another one on middle schools, which features our own Esther Keller.

The Hooded Utilitarian has a female creators roundtable going, and they kicked it off with a post on Twilight, teen readers, and Comicon.

Michael Bitz writes about an after-school progam that allowed kids to make their own comics. Their responses were interesting, starting with the fact that they think of "comics" as manga, not superheroes.


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