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All ages comics and manga for 9/2/09

It’s a new month, and that means a whole new slew of comics and manga for kids and tweens.  Boom! Studios has a new Disney/Pixar title as well as trades of completed titles.  Graphix is releasing volumes 2 of popular series Amulet and Knights of the Lunch Table.  Marvel is bringing out the comic version of their kid’s line of toys, Super Hero Squad, as a trade, with a regular series not far behind.  And Udon has the second volume of Big Adventures of Majoko.  Enjoy this week’s feast!


Betty & Veronica Digest #197, $2.69
Veronica #196, $2.50

Cars Radiator Springs #1 (Cover A Allen Gladfelter), $2.99
Cars Radiator Springs #1 (Cover B Allen Gladfelter), $2.99
Cars Rookie TP, $9.99
Incredibles Family Matters #2 (Of 4)(Marcio Takara 2nd Printing Cover), $2.99
Incredibles Family Matters TP, $9.99

Looney Tunes #178, $2.50
Tale Of An Unknown Country TP Vol 1, $9.99  ^^AA Pick^^

Cat Burgler Black GN, $16.99  ^^AA Pick^^

Amulet HC Vol 2 The Stonekeepers Curse, $21.99
Amulet SC Vol 2 The Stonekeepers Curse, $10.99
Knights Of The Lunch Table GN Vol 2 The Dragon Players, $9.99

Astro Boy Movie Adaptation #3, $3.99

Marvel Super Hero Squad TP Hero Up Digest (Hero Cover), $9.99
Marvel Super Hero Squad TP Hero Up Digest (Villain Cover), $9.99
Wolverine And Power Pack TP Wild Pack Digest, $9.99
Wonderful Wizard Of Oz HC, $29.99

Big Adventures Of Majoko GN Vol 2 (of 5), $7.99

Dragon Ball Chapter Book Vol 3 Into The Fire, $4.99
Dragon Ball Chapter Book Vol 4 Carrots With A Side Of Pilaf, $4.99
Lets Find Pokemon Ruby & Sapphire SC, $11.99
Naruto Chapter Book Vol 9 The Challengers, $4.99
Prince Of Tennis GN Vol 33, $7.95


Tale of an Unknown Country Vol 1 – CMX, the manga division of DC Comics has been releases a lot of excellent titles for all ages.  This title is their newest addition.  Rosemarie is the Princess of the humble kingdom of Ardela.  Her brother, Prince Mache, wants her to marry the Prince of the bigger and wealthier nation of Yurinela, Reynol.  Rosemarie isn’t thrilled with the arrangement, so she decides to go to Yurinela, disguised as a maid to find out about Reynol and maybe sabotage the arrangement.  But Reynol may not be as bad as Rosemarie thought.  This title is more of a romance, so will appeal to girls more than boys. 

Cat Burgler Black – Richard Sala creates a mystery and new heroine for tween to solve it in this new series.  K. Westree is an orphan that was raised in an orphanage that taught the children to be thieves.  K, an especially talented cat burglar has now been invited to come to the prestigious Bellsong Academy by her Aunt, and thinks she can leave her cat-burglaring past behind.  But the school has a mystery of it own, and K must once again resume her illicit activities to discover the truth behind the school’s secrets.  Kids love mysteries and it’s always a good thing when a title features a girl who can handle herself. 

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