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All ages comics and manga for 9/10/09

Lots of good books this week.  It was hard to choose just two for the picks!  Candlewick Press has a historical-mystery title with Storm in the Barn.  It takes place during the Great Depression, in the Dust Bowl.  It looks really interesting.  Harper Collins has an intriguing title with Grown Ups Are Dumb (No Offense), which is written and drawn by a 10 year old comic artist and is about the real life trials of Tweens.  For the little kids, check out Which Witch’s Wand Works from IDW for some early Halloween fun.


Archie & Friends #135, $2.50
Archie Digest #257, $2.69
Sonic The Hedgehog #204, $2.50

Finding Nemo Reef Rescue #3 (of 4)(Cover A Amy Mebberson), $2.99
Finding Nemo Reef Rescue #3 (of 4)(Cover B Erica Leigh Currey), $2.99
Muppet Robin Hood #4 (of 4)(Cover A David Petersen), $2.99
Muppet Robin Hood #4 (of 4)(Cover B Amy Mebberson), $2.99

Storm In The Barn GN, $24.99

Cartoon Network Action Pack #41, $2.50

Grown Ups Are Dumb No Offense SC, $8.99

Astro Boy Movie Adaptation #4, $3.99
Astro Boy Movie Adaptation TP, $17.99
Astro Boy Movie Prequel Underground TP, $17.99
Which Witchs Wand Works GN, $6.99

G-Man Cape Crisis #2 (of 5), $2.99

Secret Science Alliance GN, $10.99  ^^AA Pick^^


Marvel Adventures Super Heroes #15, $2.99
Marvel Super Hero Squad #1 (of 4)(Dario Brizuela Regular Cover), $2.99

Avalon Web Of Magic Novel TP Vol 10 Heart Of Avalon, $5.95

Yotsuba & ! GN Vol 1, $10.99  ^^AA Pick^^
Yotsuba & ! GN Vol 2, $10.99
Yotsuba & ! GN Vol 3, $10.99
Yotsuba & ! GN Vol 4, $10.99
Yotsuba & ! GN Vol 5, $10.99
Yotsuba & ! GN Vol 6, $10.99


Secret Science Alliance – Being a smart nerd can be cool!  Super smart Julian Calendar is starting at a new Junior High School, where he hopes to shed his nerdy image, until he meets Ben and Greta; secret scientists.  He joins with them and they form a club, with secret lab/hideout and build high tech gadgets.  When the trio finds out about an evil scientist’s plan to rob the museum, they jump into action to try and stop him.  Kids love stories with action and cool gadgets, so this should be a hit with them.  And anything that shows how cool science can be gets a plus in my book!

Yotsuba&! Vol 1-6 – Yen Press has made a lot of bloggers in the mangasphere happy with their rescue of this title from ADV Manga.  Yotsuba is a quirky, curious, and often strange 5 year old girl.  Everyday things that would seem unremarkable even to another 5 year old, fascinate her, making everyday with Yotsuba an adventure!  This title doesn’t have any continuing plot.  It just follows Yotsuba, and her father as they go through their everyday lives, though chapters can follow consecutive days.  Yotsuba’s innocence and enthusiasm has charmed many adults.  Her charms will no doubt work on kids as well. 

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