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All ages comics and manga for 9/10/09

Lots of good books this week.  It was hard to choose just two for the picks!  Candlewick Press has a historical-mystery title with Storm in the Barn.  It takes place during the Great Depression, in the Dust Bowl.  It looks really interesting.  Harper Collins has an intriguing title with Grown Ups Are Dumb (No Offense), […]

Links: The return of Super Duck

The Sequential Tart writers recommend some comics for the classroom, with brief descriptions of each. The Archie folks are reviving some classic characters this fall. If you have been pining for Super Duck or Cosmo the Merry Martian, now’s your big chance! Raina Telgemeier posts a preview page from her upcoming graphic novel Smile. Bluewater […]

Review: Three Korean fantasy romances for teens

Do you have a teen girl in your library who is obsessed with romance? Does she have a crush on a boy who can’t stand her? Does she try to remain upbeat, even as her young heart is being crushed by rejection? Well, now there are some graphic novels just for them. Yen Press has […]

Summer Reading Challenge: Fruits Basket

If you haven’t heard of Fruits Basket you could justifiably be accused of having lived in a cave for the past five years.  Furuba, as it is lovingly called by its many fans, has topped the manga bestseller lists with each new release, and at its height of popularity, merchandise supporting the series was snuggled […]

Links: Suggestions and nominations

Over at the mother ship, Peter Gutierrez rounds up some great graphic novels for grades K-4. And for older readers, the YALSA folks have posted the latest nominations for their Great Graphic Novels for Teens list. Andy Burns has an interesting article (part one, part two) on whether kids read comics at all—and what’s needed […]

All ages comics and manga for 9/2/09

It’s a new month, and that means a whole new slew of comics and manga for kids and tweens.  Boom! Studios has a new Disney/Pixar title as well as trades of completed titles.  Graphix is releasing volumes 2 of popular series Amulet and Knights of the Lunch Table.  Marvel is bringing out the comic version […]

Summer Reading Challenge: Steel Wings in Phoenix Chronicles with NecroOphealia Ghost Stories

2007 was a good year for OEL manga.  Tokyopop was still going strong with their Rising Stars of Manga.  Seven Seas Entertainment had released their first OEL titles.  And the company I’m going to look at, Demented Dragon, published their first 4 titles which I will be reviewing.  Specializing in RPGs (Role Playing Games) and […]

Links: Boom times for kids’ GNs

Recession? What recession? Publishers Weekly’s Calvin Reid reports that Gene Yang, Dave Roman, and Lucy Knisley have all inked new book deals, and Scholastic is on board for vols. 3, 4, and 5 of Kazu Kibuishi’s Amulet as well as a print edition of his webcomic Copper. Roman’s deal is for the kid-friendly Astronaut Elementary, […]