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All ages comics and manga for 10/14/09

It’s another small but varied list this week.  Boom! Studios premieres another title in their new Disney Comics line.  Pocket Books prepares for Christmas with a special Amelia Rules volume, and Seven Seas Entertainment helps out in these difficult economic times with a 3-in-1 Omibus of their all ages title Hollow Fields. ARCHIE COMICS Archie […]

Links: Reading comics is reading!

Reading with Pictures is a new non-profit organization that plans to research the best ways to use comics in the classroom (and outside it)  and work with teachers to implement them. This inspired Calista Brill of First Second Books to write an excellent essay on comics and literacy, so go, read! Diary of a Wimpy […]

AA Picks Index July-September 2009

It was a summer of fun reading with all the comics, graphic novels and manga coming out for kids this quarter.  From superheroes of all sizes and shapes to graphic adaptations of old and new favorite tales, to young girls and their strange worlds, there was a lot of good books to read.  The picks […]

Review: Cat Burglar Black

K.was raised in an orphanage by a woman who abused the children and forced them into a life of crime as thieves and pickpockets. Now that the orphanage has been freed from her clutches, K. is starting over. She’s been invited to the Bellsong Academy for Girls by an aunt she never knew she had. […]

Roundtable: Dragon Ball and school libraries

Brigid: Anime News Network reports that a school library in Maryland removed the first volume of Dragon Ball from its shelves because a parent complained about nudity and sexual innuendo. If I recall correctly, the anime of Dragon Ball is more G-rated than the manga, and also Viz began editing that sort of thing out […]

All ages comics and manga for 10/7/09

And we’re back!  It’s a good week of offerings, with Boom! Studios starting another Incredibles series, this one written by Mark Waid and illustrated by Matt Wagner!  (Ask your local comic geek why they are a big deal.) Doctor Who Classics continues with it’s adaptation of the 5th Doctor’s stories, which start to move up […]

Links: Archie and Anticipation

Kate Holden analyzes Emma Vieceli’s manga adaptation of Hamlet from a literary point of view at Comic Mole Investigates. The first volume of Dragon Ball was pulled from an elementary school library after a parent complained about nudity and sexual innuendo. I like J. Caleb Mozzocco’s reaction at Blog@Newsarama because, with his local-news reporter background, […]

Review: The Dreamer

Beatrice "Bea" Whaley might be losing her mind. Each night she dreams that she has journeyed back to Massachusetts in 1776, where a Revolutionary War soldier named Alan Warren is in love with her. He’s gorgeous and her nightly adventures are exciting, but aren’t they just dreams? Are they worth sacrificing real world happiness for? […]

Links: The return of Mickey

Out from the Comic Shop lists this week’s new kid-friendly comics, with links to some previews. The Disney Comics Worldwide Blog notes the return of Mickey Mouse to comics, in new editions from Boom! Kids. ICv2 has more and the Disney Comics Blog has some previews. Faith Erin Hicks announces her next graphic novel, to […]

All ages comics and manga list for 9/30/09

Months with a fifth Friday are usually sparse on releases on this week is no different.  But even with the small selection there is still some good titles that are fitting in with the change in the season.  Check those out as this week’s picks.  First Second has a new edition of the second volume […]