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Links: Stinky kids and extraordinary gentlemen

The Lexington Herald-Leader covers the rather lively debate about whether the Jessamine County Library should restrict circulation of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. It’s fascinating reading; I especially liked this:

West Jessamine High School sophomore Alexis Kierstead brought a petition signed by 244 students asking that the board guide their reading decisions. She said they all believe that "it takes a village to raise a child." She also confessed to having hidden books from her parents.

So, please censor my reading, although I’ll find a way around it if you do?

At PWCW, Terri L. Heard talks to NBM’s Jim Salicrup about their parody Diary of a Stinky Dead Kid.

Lisa Elliott, a YA librarian in Tigard, Oregon, discusses the challenges of including Spanish-language graphic novels in her collection at Graphic Novel Reporter.

At comiXology, Kristy Valenti looks at two children’s books by Frank Tashlin that she thinks work well as graphic novels, and Joe McCulloch has a nice article on Astro Boy.

In the latest SLJ Teen newsletter, I took a look at teen-friendly genre webcomics.

I realize that Bluewater’s Bo Obama comic was met with hoots of derision in the comics blogosphere, but the intended audience (kids!) must have lapped it up because their floppy is going into a second printing and they are planning a 40-page graphic novel version. Apparently it’s educational, shoehorning the history of presidential pets, the history of the White House, and the history of the Portuguese Water Dog breed into a single volume. Key quote:

"This is a book for younger readers," said Bluewater president Darren Davis. "I don’t expect Bo to fight crime or solve the deficit, but for kids looking a fun read without realizing they’re learning, then this book is for them."

This is kind of interesting: The BC Refugee Blog, which is written by the former employees and customers of a defunct comics store, takes a look at why the younger audience is important to comics stores—and what they can do about it. The post includes some recommendations for younger readers.

The Archie folks have another batch of previews up for your reading pleasure, including the first issue of the "Archie Marries Betty" arc. And Dan Parent, artist and writer on Betty and Veronica, will be at the Virginia Comicon this weekend. If you really can’t get enough of Archie, head to New York for the exhibit "The Art of Archie Comics," opening this week at the Museum of Comics and Cartoon Art.


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