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Review: Amulet. Book Two: The Stonekeeper’s Curse

Emily and her brother Navin are heading to Kanalis to find a cure for their mother, in this continuation to Amulet: The Stonekeeper.

Amulet. Book Two: The Stonekeeper’s Curse
Kazu Kibuishi
Publisher’s Age Recommendation 9-12
My Suggested Age Recommendation 8-14
Graphix, September 2009, 978-0439-84682-0 (hc) 978-0-439-84683-7 (pbk)
224 pp, $21.99 (hc) $10.99 (pbk)

Navin and Emily are in race against time. The poison is seeping into their mom’s system and she is getting sicker and sicker. Kanalis is being overtaken by the elves and the antidote is hard to get – at the top of Demon’s Head Mountain.  Emily sets out to find the antidote, but in her quest must struggle against the power of the amulet. It is begging her to submit to it and to let the amulet rule over her.  Emily must use her tremendous will to maintain her power over the amulet.  While Emily is searching for the antidote, Navin learns that Emily is supposed to die and he chases after her to change the course of her future.

While many of the loveable characters from volume 1 return, there are many new characters introduced in this volume.  There is Leon, a brusque warrior, who is supposed to help Emily control her powers. The cursed citizens of Kanalis and some of the evil elves.

Kbuishi has drawn a vivid story, but for those readers stumbling onto this series late in the game, or for those readers, like me, who read volume one ages ago, there is little to help catch readers up.  It might take a while for readers to get into the story as they try to figure out what came before.

Even so, it will only be a matter of time before readers are rooting for Emily and her brother.  Emily remains an exceptionally strong woman.  Readers can’t help rooting for her as she uses her tremendous will to harness the power of the amulet to save her mother and Alledia.  There is a rich sense of adventure and intrigue in this story.

The artwork is superb.  There are many fantastical creatures, and yet, readers will discern the different emotions – sadness, fear, strength – giving these characters a human-like feel.  The country of Alledia and its characters come alive.  Readers will eagerly line up for volume 3 to see if Emily, her brother and their new found friends will be able to save Alledia. 

This review is based on an advanced reading copy supplied by the publisher. All images copyright © Scholastic.

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