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Links: New mini-series on the way

Ape Entertainment announces a new kids’ comics mini-series, Scratch9, to be illustrated by Jason Kruse (World of Quest) with covers by Mike Kunkel (Billy Batson and the Magic of Shazam):

Created by writer Rob M. Worley, Scratch9 features the adventures of a rascally house cat who gains the ability to summon any of his eight other lives to his side to aid him in his adventures.

"I’ve seen what today’s cats are reading and frankly I’m concerned. They’re all walking around saying, ‘LOL,’ and, ‘I can has cheezburger,’ when they don’t even know how to spell ‘cheeseburger,’" said Worley, author of the critically-acclaimed junior novel Heir to Fire. "It’s about time we put forth a positive role model for cats. That’s what we’re doing with Scratch9."

The book is part of Ape’s KiZoic line of kids’ comics.

ICv2 has a brief writeup on the 50th anniversary of the classic French comic Asterix.

Crogan’s Vengeance creator Chris Schweitzer shows off some recent sketches.

Archie Comics has solicitations for upcoming Sonic books, previews of Betty & Veronica and Riverdale Digest, and info on their first variant cover.

Here’s a first look at the Gold lineup for Free Comic Book Day 2010. Unless they have changed the rules, all these comics are all-ages (although some have adult themes). At Blog@Newsarama, J. Caleb Mozzocco gives his take on each one.

The Disney Comics Worldwide blog has some Disney-themed gift suggestions.


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