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All ages comics and manga for 1/13/10

The new year continues on with some winning titles for kids.  Boom! Studios continues its strong line of titles based on Disney/Pixar properties with a new ongoing series based on Cars and the first official issue of the Muppet Show ongoing.  Campfire is a new publisher to the list, that has published several titles based on classic books as well as biographies.  They definitely deserve checking out.  Check out the picks for more on them and Udon’s manga for kids line!

Archie & Friends #139, $2.50
Archie Double Digest #205, $3.99
Betty & Veronica Double Digest #177, $3.99
Sonic The Hedgehog #208, $2.50

Cars #0 (Cover A Allen Gladfelter), $2.99
Cars #0 (Cover B Allen Gladfelter), $2.99
Incredibles #4 (Cover A Marcio Takara), $2.99
Incredibles #4 (Cover B Ramanda Kamarga), $2.99
Muppet Show #1 (Cover A Roger Langridge), $2.99
Muppet Show #1 (Cover B Roger Langridge), $2.99
Walt Disneys Comics & Stories #702 (Cover A Magic Eye Studios), $2.99
Walt Disneys Comics & Stories #702 (Cover B Magic Eye Studios), $2.99

Christmas Carol GN, $6.95
Harry Houdini GN, $6.95  ^^AA Pick^^
Swiss Family Robinson GN, $6.95

Scooby Doo #152, $2.50
Super Friends #23, $2.50

Marvel Adventures Super Heroes #19, $2.99
Super Hero Squad #1 (Mitch Schauer Regular Cover), $2.99
Uncanny X-Men First Class #7 (of 8), $2.99

Classics Illustrated Volume 8 Count Of Monte Cristo HC, $9.99

Big Adventures Of Majoko Volume 3 GN (of 5), $7.99
Ninja Baseball Kyuma Volume 2 GN (of 3), $7.99  ^^AA Pick^^


Harry Houdini GN – Harry Houdini is a fascinating man, whose ability to escape death made him a legend in his own time, and continues to intrigue people even today.  Campfire, a publisher based in India, has created a graphic biography of him, starting when he was a poor, uneducated child, and follows his rise to become the greatest illusionist of the 20th century.  Houdini’s life story will educate as well as entertain, making this biography a good addition to any elementary or middle school library.

Ninja Baseball Kyuma Volume 2 – This title made it onto our Best Comics for Kids 2009 list, and now, finally, the second volume to this fun series is out!  Kyuma is still learning the ways of becoming a baseball player.  His team, the Moonstars, have come to his home in the mountains for special training.  Quirky characters and entertaining situations will have kids smiling as well as learn somethings about hard work and being a good sport, qualities no one can have qualms with.  I highly recommend this title for both elementary and middle school libraries.

Lori Henderson About Lori Henderson

Lori Henderson is a mother of two teenage daughters and an avid reader. She blogs about manga at her personal blog Manga Xanadu as well as contributing and editing for Manga Village. She blogs about all things fandom (mainly Doctor Who) at her other personal blog Fangirl Xanadu. She's been at it so for over 5 years now and counting!


  1. Steve Shea says:

    Hi, any thoughts on the effective reading level of graphic novels and comics versus connected text? I see a lot of educational publishing market gns have very high reading levels, even according to their publishers, but that seems to me to discount the effectiveness of the art in conveying information or supporting the text.

    As long as you’re looking into manga, have you checked any titles from Yen Press or Seven Seas (Macmillan)? Viz in San Francisco and Tokyopop in LA have a number of original English titles that are worth checking out as well. I’d recommend Tokyopop’s “Gothic Sports,” from new German author-illustrator Anike Hage. It seems aimed at teen issues pretty well.

    Also, check your apostrophes – they’ve started multiplying!


  2. Katherine Dacey says:


    If you click through our archives, you’ll see that we’re covering all of the major American manga publishers: Viz, Tokyopop, Del Rey, Yen Press, CMX, UDON, and DMP. (Seven Seas isn’t releasing very much at the moment, and Dark Horse’s manga is usually aimed at older teens and adults.) Right now, Del Rey, Tokyopop, Yen Press, and Seven Seas are the only publishers offering original English manga. Two years ago, Viz announced that it would be introducing a line of original comics, but so far, no firm details of the plan have been released.

    As for the publishers’ recommended age ratings, I find many of them off-base. Graphic Universe, for example, tends to skew too high; I don’t know many fourteen-year-olds who would find their material suitably challenging. Manga publishers tend to worry more about content than reading level — thus the proliferation of All Ages titles that are beyond the reach of really young readers.


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