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Links: Disney, Archie, and Jellaby PLUS bonus weekend reading

The Disney Newsletter has a big story on Boom! Studios, which has taken over production of the Disney comics. Says Boom! CEO Ross Richie:

My publishing philosophy is all about great characters. Stories are first propelled by character, then conflict … resolving that conflict won’t provide a good story if the characters are derivative and uninteresting. Without amazing characters, you’re done.

Interesting interview, and it sounds like he gets it.

Meanwhile, at the Disney Comics Worldwide blog, Arthur interviews Italian Disney artist Andrea Castellan, who goes by the pen name "Casty."

At Comic Book Resources, Shaun Manning talks to Jason Shiga about Meanwhile, his choose-your-own-adventure book.

Dave Howard has a meaty interview with Jellaby creator Kean Soo at Torontoist.

Out from the Comics Shop has this week’s kid-friendly comics and points us to a video podcast on comics for kids at iFanboy.

J.L. Bell takes a look at the Tiny Titans comics at Oz and Ends, and he also explains why it matters that the lettering in the Twilight graphic novel are sooo bad.

Melinda Beasi sees a bright future for the Twilight graphic novel—and its readers.

Robot 6 has a peek at Scholastic’s spring and summer graphic novels.

Fraggle Rock comics are on the way.

Jake Forbes has some preview art from another Jim Henson-based property, vol. 4 of the Return to Labyrinth manga.

OK, this post is sort of self-promotional, but it’s interesting to hear why the Geisel Committee chose to honor Benny and Penny in the Big No-No.

Here’s a fun idea: Axe Cop is a webcomic written by five-year-old Malachai Nicolle and illustrated by his big brother Ethan Nicolle, the Eisner-nominated artist for Chumble Spuzz. Sean T. Collins has more at Robot 6.

Rapunzel’s Revenge and The Essential Dykes to Watch Out For make the Amelia Bloomer list of recommended feminist literature for kids and teens.

Doug Gray gives a bit of the history of Archie and shows off some vintage strips drawn by Bob Montana  at The Greatest Ape. Zooming back to modern times, the Archie folks will be gathering both the wedding arcs into a single graphic novel. From the press release:

Readers everywhere will finally be able to experience the heart-string-tugging twists and turns of Archie’s two possible futures in one all inclusive collection to share with family and friends.

With anyone else I would mock the idea of the whole family gathered around the hearth, arguing about a comic book, but Archie is so universal that I actually have had a lot of conversations about these stories. Now I can whip out the graphic novel and say "See…."

For those who can’t get enough Archie, here are the April solicitations, some previews, and more previews. Finally, they have made a donation to the Red Cross for Haiti earthquake relief, and they urge everyone else to do likewise. As do I.

This has been around for a while, but it’s good advice and I haven’t seen anything else like it: Peter Gutierrez has some advice on how to read comics to your kids.

Chris Wilson is optimistic about the iPad as a comics reader.

Attention creators: Calista Brill offers an editor’s view of the submissions pile at First Second Books.

Weekend distractions: Relax and enjoy some vintage kids’ comics: Two Ripley’s Believe It or Not comics, Li’l Bad Wolf in Funnel Trap and Donald Duck in Ten-Star Generals, and a Donald Duck story. (All via Journalista.)


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  1. Mykal Banta says:

    Brigid said: “Weekend distractions: Relax and enjoy some vintage kids’ comics: Two Ripley’s Believe It or Not comics, Li’l Bad Wolf in Funnel Trap and Donald Duck in Ten-Star Generals, (All via Journalista.)”

    Brigid: I love your column. You really do provide a wonderful roundup of Kid-Friendly stuff.

    The above posted stories are not via Journalista, but all come from my blogs:

    The Big Blog of Kids’ Comics
    Gold Key Comics!

    Thanks, — Mykal Banta

  2. Hi Mykal—I love your blogs too! However, I don’t check them every day, so I don’t always know when new content goes up. I found those particular links on Journalista, and that’s why I gave Dirk a hat tip.

    Your blogs are a direct conduit to my childhood, however, so maybe I should drop in more often.

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