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All ages comics and manga for 1/6/10

It’s the start of a new year, and being the beginning of the month means lots of releases!  All the old standards are here with Archie, Dark Horse and DC Comics, and relative newcomer Boom! Studios with their monthly releases.  IDW continues their kids’ line with a board book for young girls and more adventures […]

Are all Comics for Kids?

Recently, after noticing it was nominated for a National Book Award for Young People, I read David Small’s Stitches.  While I very much enjoyed this book, I just felt it wasn’t actually written for young people. Some might enjoy it, but this isn’t necessarily a comic that is for kids or teens.  Apparently, I wasn’t […]

Good manga for kids, January 2010

Happy New Year! 2009 proved an excellent year for kids’ comics in general and kids’ manga in particular, as our end-of-the-year round-ups attest. (See The Best Comics for Kids 2009 and A Kid’s Best Manga List of 2009, co-authored by my colleague Lori Henderson and her ten-year-old daughter Krissy.) Among last year’s highlights: UDON Kids […]

Review: Lola: a Ghost Story

Jesse is reluctant to travel from Canada to his relative’s home in the Philippines for his Lola’s (grandmother’s) funeral and it’s not because of his annoying cousin. It’s because the cousin who still annoys him has already been dead for several years. Jesse has obviously inherited Lola’s ability to see monsters, dead people, and visions. […]

Review: Happy Happy Clover Volume 3

Spring is coming to Crescent Forest and it’s business as usual for Clover and her friends.  Going to school, working at Bunny Express and finding time in between to play in the last of the snow.  But it’s not all fun and games for the furry friends.  Friends keeping secrets from each other, magic spells […]

Links: Cybils nominations are out!

The big news this week is that the final nominations for the Cybil Awards have been announced. The finalists in the Graphic Novel category are Middle Grade Creepy Crawly Crime (Joey Fly, Private Eye) Adventures in Cartooning: How to Turn Your Doodles into Comics The Stonekeeper’s Curse (Amulet, Book 2) The Secret Science Alliance and […]

A Kid’s Best Manga List of 2009

Quite a few manga titles for kids came out this year. Most of them were from Viz, though Tokyopop had a few and Udon debuted their own kids line.  Most of the titles broke away from the licensed properties that had dominated kids titles, with video game tie-ins being the biggest hold outs.  It was […]