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Links: We know what boys like

Life imitates art: In this Unshelved cartoon, Dewey the librarian compiles a list of "books teen boys would read (if they knew they existed)." Enough people asked for the (nonexistent) list that the creators opened up a discussion. I’m mentioning it here, of course, because a number of graphic novels have come up—and they may not be the ones you’d guess.

Tim O’Shea talks to Jim Ottaviani, the author of T-Minus: The Race to the Moon and many other awesome science-y graphic novels.

The New York Times looks at the high expectations for the Twilight graphic novel and another based on the work of Janet Evanovich.

Publishers Weekly Comics Week features a preview of Ben 10: Alien Force, Martha Cornog’s list of 24 graphic novels for Black History Month, and brief reviews of Meanwhile, The Muppet Show Comic, and Zeus: King of the Gods.

J.L. Bell points out that For Liberty: The Story of the Boston Massacre, while billed as "graphic fiction," is in fact neither fiction nor a graphic novel.

Viz has a new shoujoj manga, Cactus’s Secret, in the works that looks like it will have strong tween-appeal.

I like the looks of the latest Betty & Veronica Digest, in which Betty takes up baseball.

Calista Brill presents an editors-eye view of the slush pile at First Second Books.


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