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Links: Big interview and review roundup

Congratulations to Eleanor Davis, whose Secret Science Alliance won a Cybils Award over the weekend, for best graphic novel in the children’s and middle grade books category, and Tom Siddell, whose Gunnerkrigg Court (also a webcomic) was named best YA graphic novel. At The Comics Journal, Michael Arthur has a video interview with Davis and […]

Review: Marwe: Into the Land of the Dead

Myths and legends don’t have to just tells tales of heroic deeds or explain natural phenomena.  Sometimes a tale can be used to teach a life lesson that will help the younger members of a culture fit in and be more responsible adults.  This legend from East Africa does just that as Marwe learns some […]

Themed List: February–Romance Comics

I love making lists of books that seem to go together, whether it’s for a bookmark to hand out or to help with planning a display. So I thought I’d poll the collective wisdom of everyone here at Good Comics for Kids and indulge my book nerd/list maker side at the same time. Each month […]

GC4K Book Club: Zeus: King of the Gods

One of the things I love most about finishing books is having the chance to talk about them with other people who have read (and finished) the same book.  It’s even better when I have the chance to discuss books with people who read with their brains engaged. (You may not realize how rare this […]

All ages comics and manga for 2/10/10

Boom! Studios is quickly becoming the place to go for a variety of kid friendly books with their Disney, Disney/Pixar, and Muppet lines.  Be sure to check out the trades Muppet Peter Pan, and the Wizards of Mickey, as well as a new title that also a pick this week.  IDW has jumped on the […]

Review: Guinea Pig, Pet Shop Private Eye #1: Hamster and Cheese

Someone in his pet shop keeps stealing Mr. Venezi’s sandwich and he assumes it’s the koalas, er, hamsters. (Mr. Venezi isn’t very good with telling animals apart.) Hamisher, a new hamster in the shop, knows it isn’t the hamsters who are stealing the sandwich.  If it isn’t the hamsters, though, then which of the animals […]

Links: We know what boys like

Life imitates art: In this Unshelved cartoon, Dewey the librarian compiles a list of "books teen boys would read (if they knew they existed)." Enough people asked for the (nonexistent) list that the creators opened up a discussion. I’m mentioning it here, of course, because a number of graphic novels have come up—and they may […]

Review: The Smoking Mountain: The Story of Popocatepeltl and Iztaccihuatl

Tales of love found and lost have been told for centuries in every culture around the world.  Shakespeare doesn’t have a monopoly on tragic love stories as this tale from the Aztecs shows.  Popocatepeltl and Iztaccihuatl love each other very much.  But an overprotective father, who is also Emperor, and a jealous rival plot to […]

Links: Friends and monsters

Amanda Tarbet has a great essay at Sequential Tart looking at recent children’s comics that celebrate friendship. And Suzette Chan looks at the appeal of monsters in kids’ graphic novels, Jellaby and Bayou in particular. Yen Press announced a bevy of new licenses this week, including a children’s book by French author Emile Bravo, Goldilocks […]

All ages comics and manga for 2/3/10

Superheroes are out in force on this week’s list.  Boom! Studios debuts Disneys Hero Squad, a title that was a part of Mickey and Friends, but has gained its own ongoing series.  DC brings out a new trade of Tiny Titans, their Teen Titans little kid friendly title.  And there’s a new Amelia Rules, where […]