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Review: Birdhouse

An elderly king removed from the world of commoners. A palace cook roped into playing assassin. A princess confined to her rooms. A royal fiancé trapped between his duty to his king and that which he owes to his future bride. All of these collide in a story that is part fairy-tale, part contemporary dysfunctional […]

Links: Muppets and madness

Roger Langridge talks about his work on the Muppet Show comics at Comic Book Resources. Good news for those who are mourning the loss of the much-loved but short-lived UK kids’ comic The DFC: There’s a whole wave of graphic novels coming out collecting material by the different creators. Reading With Pictures, the nonprofit that’s […]

Snowed In

If you walked around NYC today, you’d actually start to believe that spring is around the corner. Except for the mounds of snow still piled high along the curbs and the snow they’re predicting for Wednesday.  The East Coast has been slammed with quite a bit of snow.  Washington D.C. and the areas surrounding it […]