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Links: Toon talk, Mouse Guard, and more

At Graphic Novel Reporter, John Hogan interviews Francoise Mouly, the founder of Toon Books, about her work as editor of that line and as art editor of the New Yorker. And speaking of Toon Books: There’s an app for that.

Sweet Union ‘Toonists interviews Ben Towle, whose most recent work is Amelia Earhart: This Broad Ocean.

Heidi MacDonald looks at some recent research on boys’ lagging reading skills and discusses how comics can help. A lively discussion follows in the comics section.

Archaia Comics has announced a Mouse Guard anthology miniseries, in which a number of different artists (Ted Naifeh, Jeremy Bastian, Alex Shiekman) will create their own Mouse Guard stories, with Mouse Guard creator David Peterson providing the framing tale.

Jason Little discusses his experiences with Motel Art Improvement Service, which was originally going to be published as a YA graphic novel by Little Brown and then was pulled when someone realized there was sex in it:

According to people I’ve spoken to who know about these things, there is tons of sex in YA prose novels, but the written word is an abstracting tool for sex. But when it’s drawn, it instantly becomes vivid, and it freaks people out. John Waters, after he did Serial Mom, vowed ‘I’m never going to do another PG-13 movie again.’ So that’s the kind of attitude I’m taking.

(Image at link may be NSFW.)

Eric Federspiel checks out this week’s new releases at Out from the Comic Shop.

Previews: Udon Entertainment has a nice sampler of vol. 1 of Mega Man ZX. And the Archie folks have some previews of upcoming comics.


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