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Links: Archie, Jeff Smith, and Free Comic Book Day

Saturday, May 1, is Free Comic Book Day, when comics stores offer a selection of special comics for free to the public. Many of the comics are kid-friendly and all are safe for all ages. You can see a preview of the Tiny Titans FCBD comic at Comics Alliance, where Laura Hudson also chats with the creators, Art Balthazar and Franco.

The big news in kids’ comics last week was the announcement that Archie Comics is getting its first openly gay character, Kevin Keller. While the blogosphere and the news media went into a frenzy of mostly positive reactions, the Riverdale characters react to Kevin’s simple statement with nonchalance; Kevin’s sexual orientation is simply a story device, not a political statement or a cause for riots. Veteran Archie writer Dan Parent, who came up with the story, talks to Comic Book Resources about how he is writing Kevin and how Archie plans to bring more diversity to Riverdale. At PWCW, I talked to the Archie editors about a number of the company’s new initiatives, including Kevin, a Josie and the Pussycats relaunch, and even a Jersey Shore parody. And while we wait for Kevin (he’s making his first appearance in September), here’s a preview of some upcoming Archie comics.

Also at PWCW, I reported on the C2E2 panel on graphic novel challenges in libraries, which included a first-hand account by the Kentucky librarian who handled the challenge to League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

Speaking of challenges, a few weeks ago a mom tried to get the fourth volume of Jeff Smith’s Bone removed from the school libraries in a Minnesota public school system, on the grounds that the characters were drinking, smoking, and gambling. ("Sexual situations" were also mentioned, but no one could ever figure out what she was talking about.) I talked to Smith for PWCW, and this week, a committee made up of parents, teachers, and librarians voted to keep the book in the library.

Willow Dawson discusses No Girls Allowed, a collection of stories about women who masqueraded as men in order to accomplish great things, and Mark McKenna talks about his kids’ comic Banana Tail, at Graphic Novel Reporter.

At Broken Frontier, William Gatevackes looks at the reboot of the Marvel Kids line and wonders if it will be the boys’ equivalent of the Disney Princesses.

Kevin Hodgson has a two-part podcast interview with Barbara Slate, the author of You Can Do a Graphic Novel,  at The Graphic Classroom.

At the Scholastic blog, Jen booktalks  Nate Banks: Secret Identity Crisis.

Robot 6 shows off a bit of art from Marvel’s new all-ages Thor series.

Eric Federspiel lists a new round of kid-friendly comics at Out from the Comic Shop.

The Disney Comics Blog has some art from BOOM! Kids’ upcoming Darkwing Duck comic.


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  1. Shouldn’t this article be called ‘Good Comics To Brain-wash Kids’? Everything you mention seems to be ultra-liberal propaganda.

    And if you didn’t catch sexual situations in Bone, you haven’t read it… Thorn undressing for a bath, for example, with Fone drooling. Nothing drastic, but kid-appropriate? No.

  2. Brigid says:

    Wow! This is not a political blog, and I’m not sure what you are talking about. Could you please provide some examples?

    As for Bone, you’re right, I haven’t read it. I did talk to the creator and a number of librarians and other folks who have, however. I kept picking up the first volume and putting it down because it didn’t hold my interest, but now I know there’s sex in it, I may take another look. :)

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