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All ages comics and manga list for 5/26/10

Summer is coming, really, it is! Not that you could tell by the crazy weather we’re having. You can get in some innings of baseball with Archie Comics in their latest Betty & Veronica Double Digest. Del Rey has a new manga that should be appropriate for this list. Fairy Navigator Runa looks like it […]

Review: Two New VIZ Shojo Titles

VIZ released two new shojo titles this spring, both of which feature young women facing the idea of marriage. Stepping on Roses, vol. 1 Rinko Ueda Age Rating: OT/Older Teen VIZ, April 2010, ISBN: 978-1-4215-3182-3 200 pages, $9.99 Sumi Kitamura is in dire straits. Her good-looking, but useless brother Eisuke is supposed to be supporting […]

The GC4K Guide to CMX Manga

The demise of CMX was a real blow to librarians who work with pre-teen and young teen readers, as CMX published a lot of terrific series for kids in this underserved 8-to-13 age group. As my colleague Robin Brenner noted last week, other companies may be publishing material for teens, but series like Black Bird […]

All ages comics and manga for 5/19/10

The loss of CMX also means that this list will now be a little lighter on titles for kids and tweens. CMX was one of the few publishers that not only brought out titles for that age rating, but they were interesting and engaging, and didn’t have a commercial tie-in. The company and their catalog […]

Roundtable: Reactions to CMX Shutdown

SNOW: Today I was going to post a review of a new CMX manga series–Diamond Girl, vol. 1. Like many of the CMX titles I have enjoyed–Apothecarius Argentum, King of Cards, Musashi #9, Suihelibe, The Land of the Blindfolded, Stolen Hearts–it features a strong girl whose adventures captured my heart and my mind. Unfortunately it […]

Review: Kill Shakespeare, Nos. 1-2

What if Shakespeare’s most famous characters turned against their creator? That’s the premise behind Kill Shakespeare, a rollicking fantasy-adventure that borrows a few pages from Rosencrantz and Guilderstern Are Dead, a few pages from The League of Extraordinary Gentleman, and a few lines from the Bard himself to tell a brand new version of Hamlet […]


Rick Marshall talks to Dave Roman, co-writer of The Last Airbender: Zuko’s Story (a prequel to the movie) at MTV’s Splash Page. Here’s a great idea: Hope Larson asked 198 women what types of comics they liked as girls. Her post is entertaining and the comments are great as well. I added my thoughts at […]

Links: Manga in schools and libraries

Editorial Anonymous chats with Calamity Jack writer Shannon Hale about hairfighting, doofuses, and the popularity of graphic novels. Librarian Christian Zabriskie talks about how manga knits together the multicultural teenage clientele at the Queens library: “This kind of secret, hidden knowledge gives them a power and an empowerment,” he said. “It’s this generation’s esoterica.” But, […]

Review: Benny & Penny in the Toy Breaker

Benny and Penny in the Toy Breaker By Geoffrey Hayes Recommended for grades 1-2 April 2010. Toon Books, ISBN: 978-935179-07-8 32 pp. $12.95  Benny & Penny are back in an all new adventure. This time, it’s about protecting their toys when their cousin Bo comes for an unexpected visit. Cousin Bo is that kid who […]

All ages comics and manga for 5/12/10

It’s a good, steady list of all ages titles again this week. As part of National Pet Month, be sure to check out some of the pet comic titles available this week. The loveable scaredy-dog Scooby Doo is out, running from another ghost and helping to catch another criminal at DC Comics. Marvel Comics continues […]