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All ages comics and manga list for 5/5/10

 First week of the month means lots of new titles to check out. Boom! Studios continues its Disney-license-palooza with new Muppets, Walt Disney Comics, and a Toy Story trade. Archie Comic’s Veronica hits the big 200 and takes a trip back in time to celebrate. Dynamite Entertainment completes their Complete Alice in Wonderland, while Viz Media releases more chapter books from Naruto and Dragon Ball, as well as their tweeny Shonen Jump titles. And check out the picks for some ‘Super’ hero action!


Archie & Friends #143, $2.99
Pals N Gals Double Digest #141, $3.99
Tales From Riverdale Digest #38, $2.69
Veronica #200, $2.99

Muppet King Arthur #4 (of 4)(Cover A David Peterson), $2.99
Muppet King Arthur #4 (of 4)(Cover B James Silvani), $2.99
Muppet Show #5 (Cover A Roger Langridge), $2.99
Muppet Show #5 (Cover B Roger Langridge), $2.99
Muppet Show Volume 2 On The Road TP (per BOOM! Studios), $9.99
Toy Story Volume 1 The Return Of Buzz Lightyear HC (per BOOM! Studios), $24.99
Toy Story Volume 1 The Return Of Buzz Lightyear TP, $9.99
Walt Disneys Comics & Stories #706 (Cover A Andrea ‘Casty’ Castellan), $2.99
Walt Disneys Comics & Stories #706 (Cover B Magic Eye Studios and Jake Myler), $2.99

Billy Batson And The Magic Of SHAZAM TP, $12.99  ^^AA Pick^^
Cartoon Network Action Pack #49, $2.50

Complete Alice In Wonderland #4 (of 4), $4.99

Spider-Man Magazine #11, $6.99
Thor And The Warriors Four #2 (of 4), $2.99 ^^AA Pick^^

Dragon Ball Chapter Book Volume 8 Fight To The Finish, $4.99
Hikaru No Go Volume 19 TP, $9.99
Naruto Chapter Book Volume 13 Beauty Is The Beast, $4.99
Prince Of Tennis Volume 37 GN, $9.99


Billy Batson and the Magic of SHAZAM TP – This trade collects the first six issues of the ongoing series. This volume introduces eleven-year-old Billy Batson, who has been given an amazing gift. When he says the word SHAZAM, he turns into the superhero Captain Marvel. Billy’s got his hands full though when a new student transfers to his school. Theo Adam, Billy’s greatest foe, has an alter ego of his own, Black Adam. If only he could remember the secret work to transform. Captain Marvel has been a staple in kid’s comics for years. This reboot bring him back to the core audience that enjoyed him so much and does so again.

Thor and the Warriors Four #2 – I missed this last month, but it’s never too late to find a new all ages series! The Power Pack are on a mission to find the Mighty Thor. Only he can help them get the magic golden apples that will save their grandmother’s life. In the first issue, they met up with Frog Thor and the Pet Avengers to find a way to Asgard. In this issue, they reach the land of the Norse gods, and join Thor in a battle against Dark Dwarves. The Power Pack mini-series’ have been praised for being a true all ages title that can appeal to kids and adults alike, and this new series seems to be keeping that streak going.

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