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All ages comics and manga list for 7/8/10

Small but diverse list again this week. Boom! Studios is ready to take you back in time with Mickey Mouse, and Viz wants to get you outside and playing some tennis, like royalty! DC has gone a little looney, and what are those strange lights over Riverdale? This weeks’ picks start a new “tail” as well as welcoming back an old blue one.

The List:

Archie Double Digest #210, $3.99

Disneys Hero Squad Ultraheroes Volume 2 Race For The Ultrapods TP, $9.99
Mickey Mouse And The World To Come TP, $9.99
Walt Disneys Comics & Stories #708 (Cover A Andrea ‘Casty’ Castellan), $2.99
Walt Disneys Comics & Stories #708 (Cover B Magic Eye Studios and Mike Cossin), $2.99

Looney Tunes #188, $2.99

Tails Of The Pet Avengers The Dogs Of Summer #1, $3.99 ^^AA Pick^^
Thor And The Warriors Four #4 (of 4), $2.99

Smurfs #1 (Smurfnapper), $1.00 ^^AA Pick^^

Naruto Chapter Book Volume 14 No Holds Barred, $4.99
Pokemon Diamond & Pearl Adventure Volume 7 GN, $7.99
Prince Of Tennis Volume 38 GN, $9.99

The Picks:

Tails of the Pet Avengers: The Dogs of Summer #1 – The Pet Avengers are back with two short stories in this issue. In the first story, Franklin Richards, son of Sue and Reed Richards of the Fantastic Four, and his time-traveling puppy named Puppy meet the Pet Avengers. And as is usual in a Franklin Richards story, bad things happen. The second story features Captain America, Thor and Iron Man. Marvel has put together a great superhero team with the Pet Avengers, keeping the mix of humor and action balanced just right. If you haven’t checked out the Pet Avengers yet, this is a good place to start, with the short, stand alone stories. Both kids and adults will enjoy this series.

Smurfs #1: Smurfnapper – Papercutz has already announced their Smurf graphic novels, scheduled to come out in August. This issue is a special sampler with a full story to build anticipation for that release. The evil sorcerer Gargamel is trying to create a magic stone. One of the ingredients for it is a Smurf! With the help of his cat Azrael, one is in the pot, ready to go. Papa Smurf and the rest of the village must come up with a plan to rescue their friend and stop Gargamel’s evil plans. This is a good series for your kids, and at $1, it’s not hard to take a chance and see if they will like it.

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