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Preview: Disney Hero Squad: Ultraheroes, vol. 2

The folks at Boom! Studios have provided us with a generous 10-page preview of Disney Hero Squad: Ultraheroes, vol. 2. Here’s their description of the story:

Can Mickey Mouse foil Emil Eagle and the Sinister 7’s nefarious plot and keep the world safe? Find out as the battle for the seven Ultrapods intensifies as the Sinister 7 unleashes its plan to steal the remaining pieces of the ultramachine. Tune in and find out as DISNEY’S HERO SQUAD presents another chapter of the instant Disney classic, Ultraheroes!

Click on the thumbnails to enlarge each image. Enjoy!

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  1. Snow Wildsmith Mike Pawuk says:

    I’m really enjoying the first volume of the series, so I’m looking forward to reading this as well.

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