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Review: Maximum Ride V. 2

Since the 3rd volume of Maximum Ride is due out sometime next month, I thought it was high time that I got my act together and posted a review on the second volume. Considering how well this manga series does in my library, I’m not sure why I dragged my feet to read the 2nd volume.

Maximum Ride V. 2
by James Patterson (adapted and artwork by NaRae Lee)
October 2009, Yen Press, ISBN 978-0-7595-2968-7
$10.99, 256 pp.
Rated T LV, Recommended for ages 12 and up

Volume 2 of Maximum Ride starts right where volume 1 ended. Max and her “siblings” have been capturedand are put in cages. When Ari, and eraser, and some of the “white coats” come to get the flock, they’re able to escape.   Their destination? NYC.  That’s where they suspect they will find information on their origins. The flock, who are children after all, long to know who their parents are.  Of course, sometimes the news isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Max is also having odd headaches and a strange voice in her head seems to be leading her decisions.  Is she destined to save the world?

Once again, NaRae Lee captures more than just the essence of Patterson’s work. Through her artwork, she has made the story come alive.  There are quite a few action sequences in this volume and the broad strokes and pen & ink drawing drawings really jump off the page.  In one scene, the flock comes across some money and decides to go eat at a fancy restaurant.  The dubious waiter is afraid to order all that food, thinking the kids will duck out on the bill. When the group is cornered by the waiter and manager, and what they think might be more erasers, they use the only exit they can think of: their wings.  Lee skillfully illustrates the whirlwind action – cameras flashing, glass breaking, the flock’s revenge (and some choice words).  This is only one scene, but Lee does it over and over again.

Readers who enjoy manga/manhwa will note the familiar techniques throughout the volume. (Even more so in this volume than I can recall in V. 1)

I’m suddenly glad I waited to read the second volume, because now I won’t have a long wait for volume 3.

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