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Strolling with the Nerd Herd: A Librarian at Comic Con

photo: Deb Aoki

What do you do when your editor needs someone to cover the biggest comics/movie/gaming/toy convention in the country, but you’ve only got one day off?  You hop on a plane to San Diego and start running around like a crazy person, that’s what you do. It was early Friday morning and the VIZ Kids invitational […]

All ages comics and manga for 7/21/10

Big Nate

Summer is usually a time to kick back and relax. Fortunately for this week’s list, publishers aren’t taking the summer off. Boom! Studios starts a new Finding Nemo series, and Dark Horse brings out another of their all ages Star Wars books, this one feature Darth Vader. Marvel wraps up its second OZ title and […]

Review: Four Picture Books from Silverline


The nice folks at Silverline–Image’s kid-friendly line of comics–recently sent me four of their picture books to review. They’re all decent additions to a library collection and reasonable in price, especially considering that they are library bound. I also love that they include activity pages for many of their titles. The pages run the gambit […]

Good manga for kids, July 2010


Graphic novels are an excellent tool for combating the well-documented “summer slide,” encouraging kids to practice their reading skills while reminding them that reading can be a fun, pleasurable activity. Last month, my colleague Esther Keller helped the Good Comics for Kids team assemble a summer reading list that offered parents and librarians suggestions for […]

The Reading Pile: What we’re reading this week (July 19)


Welcome to the second edition of The Reading Pile, in which we give our first impressions of whatever we happen to be reading at the moment. As always, we invite you to tell us what you are reading in the comments section, and we’re offering free books as an enticement; last week’s winner is Analine […]

All ages comics and manga for 7/14/10

Brody's Ghost 1

It’s another short list this week, filled with the regulars we’ve come to get used to seeing every week. Boom! Studios is all about the Disney titles old and new. Papercutz cuts in with the second volume of their Disney Fairies line. And young super hero fans can get their fill from DC while Tweens […]

Review: Neko Ramen, vol. 1: Hey! Order Up!


When Tanaka-san wanders into a new ramen restaurant in town, he’s stunned to see that the restaurant is owned and operated by a talking cat. But Taisho’s ramen skills leave something to be desired–namely taste and texture! He’s determined to succeed, though, and Tanaka-san can’t help coming back to the restaurant, just to see what […]

Review: Prince of Persia: Before the Sandstorm graphic novel

Jordan Mechner created the Prince of Persia video game originally in 1989 for the Apple II computer, after many popular Prince of Persia sequels and spin-offs, Jordan is one of the only video game creators who has had a hands-on approach to his original creation. For the feature film adaptation of his series, Prince of Persia: The […]

Review: Trickster


The trickster is, by far, one of the most ubiquitous figures in folklore, occurring in cultures as geographically and temporally removed as ancient Greece and the antebellum American South. Tricksters serve numerous roles: they can be beneficial pranksters who help level the playing field between gods and men; they can be subversives, challenging authority and […]

The Reading Pile: What we are reading this week


Today we are launching a new feature here at Good Comics for Kids: A weekly look at what our writers are reading, for work or for fun. These aren’t really reviews, just first impressions, and we reserve the right to change our minds once we finish the books and, in some cases, write real reviews. […]