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All ages comics and manga for 8/4/10

Preparing to go back to school doesn’t mean you have to skip on the graphic reading. Boom! Studios, a consistent publisher of all ages titles, introduces a new ongoing series featuring Tow Mater from Cars. Tokyopop continues its Animal Academy title which still seems to please, and Archie Comics has several digests to temp you at the grocery store as well as comic book store.

The List:

Archie Digest #266, $2.69
Betty #187, $2.99
Betty & Veronica Double Digest #183, $3.99
Jughead #202, $2.99
Sonic The Hedgehog #215, $2.99
Tales From Riverdale Digest #39, $2.69

Cars Adventures Of Tow Mater #1 (Cover A Allen Gladfelter), $2.99
Cars Adventures Of Tow Mater #1 (Cover B Allen Gladfelter), $2.99
Incredibles #12 (Cover A Nate Watson), $2.99
Incredibles #12 (Cover B Nate Watson), $2.99
Toy Story #5 (Cover A Nathan Watson), $2.99
Toy Story #5 (Cover B Nathan Watson), $2.99
Uncle Scrooge Around The World In 80 Bucks TP, $9.99 ^^AA Pick^^
Walt Disneys Comics & Stories #709 (Cover A Andrea ‘Casty’ Castellan), $2.99
Walt Disneys Comics & Stories #709 (Cover B Magic Eye Studios and Eric Cobain), $2.99


Looney Tunes #189, $2.99

John Stanley Library Nancy Volume 2 HC, $29.95

Adventures In Cartooning Activity Book SC, $7.99 ^^AA Pick^^

Animal Academy Hakobune Hakusho Volume 5 GN (of 7), $10.99

The Picks:

Uncle Scrooge Around the World In 80 Bucks – This trade collects Uncle Scrooge issues #388-391. Riffing on the classic story “Around the World in 80 Days”, Uncle Scrooge accepts a challenge from rival John D Rockerduck to make it around the world with just $80 to spend. Can he do it, or will have to eat his hat? While Uncle Scrooge’s penny-pinching can make for humorous stories, in this tough economy it’s also a good way to show kids that there’s a lot that can be done with just a little, if you use some imagination. Without explicitly teaching, this book can show kids it’s not always how much money you have, but how you spend it.

Adventures In Cartooning Activity Book – A sort of companion book to Adventures in Cartooning, this book builds on the basic lessons presented in the original. The magic cartooning elf returns with the Knight, Edward the hungry horse as well as a whole new cast of characters to lead kids through a story that they help tell by doodling and completing comics activities. They aren’t just reading the story, they become a part of it! Fostering a child’s creativity and imagination are just as important as the “three ‘r’s”, and this book a great way to do it.

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Lori Henderson is a mother of two teenage daughters and an avid reader. She blogs about manga at her personal blog Manga Xanadu as well as contributing and editing for Manga Village. She blogs about all things fandom (mainly Doctor Who) at her other personal blog Fangirl Xanadu. She's been at it so for over 5 years now and counting!


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